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Challenges Become Opportunities

Delivering unique viewer experiences across different platforms at your viewers' convenience is both a challenge and an opportunity. Having the right tools to navigate this process helps your team deliver consistent content and manage multiplatform distribution with ease and efficiency. Our solutions simplify and improve VOD/OTT, manage playout and deliver multiple channels through IT-based integrated control, so that you can reap the benefits of today's multiple delivery platforms.

Content Delivery: Connect & Monetize
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Press Release. Sinclair Broadcasting Selects Grass Valley's Integrated Solution for Next Generation Playout and Ad Localization.

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Playout the Way You Need It To Be

Playout has evolved from a simple one-channel operation into a complex, multichannel/multiplatform ecosystem. Today, making sure that the right media goes to the right place at the right time and in the right format is critical to your financial survival. With professional playout efficiency and limitless scaling, Grass Valley truly delivers the ability to do more with less, with the cost and operational benefits of having a single system that does everything you need.

Centralized Multistation
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Our customers are talking ... "Grass Valley's technology and iTX in particular, allows us to provide packages and bundle channels that are best suited for each market in the country." Read the press story » Tony D'Silva, Managing Director, (NXT DIGITAL) Grant Investrade Limited, Hinduja Group, India
Deliver with Confidence

Lip Sync, content A/V mismatch, loudness, going black... a host of issues can turn viewers off. Real-time monitoring and analysis of your media, as it's being delivered, is critical for your viewers' experience. Grass Valley understands the value of your media and its audience, that's why our signal analysis can be integrated into our multiviewer systems—giving you the ability to show playlist data on the multiviewer. This gives you a master control that delivers reliable monitoring to your operators, ensuring the best quality experience for your viewers.

Our customers are talking ... "As part of our commitment to further augment our market position in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we selected Grass Valley's iControl system. We've invested significantly in our facility to make it best-in-class, and we think iControl is a sophisticated best-in-class product." Read the press story » Ian Whitfield, Managing Director of Encompass London
Whenever, Wherever — Your Content is There

What if you could take the pain out of complex VOD operations and get your content to viewers faster? What if you could deliver a VOD version of a live event minutes after a show ends, instead of hours? Viewers don't want to wait for content, and neither should you. VOD should be about reducing prep time and delivering content that you can financially leverage, whether it's subscription based, a one-time buy or the ability to integrate advertising to leverage the longest tail possible so your content keeps paying dividends.

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