Build a Solid Foundation ... Networking
The Heart of Your Facility

No matter the application, the heart of any broadcast facility, truck or live venue beats because of the solutions that enable a smooth flow of signals, data and commands throughout a workflow. If a single portion of this intricate and critical network of routers, converters and controllers fails to perform its assigned duty — you could be in for big trouble. The networked infrastructure of your operation rarely takes center stage, but the design, extensibilty and upgradeability of this system are an important part of the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Networking: Build a Solid Foundation

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Grass Valley and Cisco partner to bring you a new bundled product offering featuring Cisco Switches, now available directly through Grass Valley.
Arena TV See how Grass Valley and its partners worked together to make Arena TV's first of three 4K IP trucks a reality.

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Today's Solutions Solving Tomorrow's Problems

If the emerging world of IP leaves you concerned that today's solutions won't solve tomorrow's problems — you can rest easy with Grass Valley. While we've all come to trust baseband workflows, you can have the same safety and dependability with multiformat/multisignal transport solutions from Grass Valley.

Our customers are talking ... "I spoke with other vendors, but Grass Valley's product roadmap offered the most complete product solution to meet our current needs and provide the production capabilities to scale in the future." Read the press story » Gary Schneider, Global Production Systems Lead For Content Technology/Media Production, LinkedIn, US
Signals Here, There and Anywhere — Exactly When You Need Them

No matter what size studio you operate, your networking infrastructure must be dependable, flexible and scalable. With new formats to transport, manage and monitor, the one thing you don't want is to have a signal you can't handle. Grass Valley's vast signal processing family addresses these concerns with a variety of modular cards that keep your signals flowing and stable. Your infrastructure doesn't have to become more complex — make it smarter with Grass Valley.

Our customers are talking ... "Reliablilty is critical, and we know from experience in our other locations that Grass Valley routers have a long life span. By using Grass Valley equipment at our facilities, colleagues can now manage each other's routers using similiar, intuitive user interfaces and controls." Read the press story » Nick Castaneda, VP of Development, PacTV, US/UK
Thriving in the Midst of Change

Your signals are your lifeblood. If they fail ... you fail. Whether it's distribution, conversion or monitoring, you can trust your signals to Grass Valley. You can be assured that your signals are getting from A-to-B exactly the way they are supposed to — with the right timing, quality and format that you expect... and demand. When it comes to your most important assets, trust Grass Valley to provide network solutions that evolve to meet your needs without leaving you stranded.

Our customers are talking ... "There are hundreds of incoming and outgoing feeds, in multiple locations, all requiring routing, control, and monitoring. Grass Valley's integrated iControl system allows us to deliver and maintain the technical quality demanded by our teams." Read the press story » Terry Adams, Vice President, IBC Engineering, NBC Olympics, US
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