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News Production

Power Your Editorial Mission

Turn Your Newsroom into an Efficient and Cost-Effective Storyteller

News happens fast, and with the emergence of a deeply connected society, you almost have to report events before they happen. So your journalists need quick and easy access to content to create effective news packages. And, your operations team needs the ability to easily ingest and manipulate content so they can deliver it—securely, quickly, and confidently—to multiple channels and platforms.

Grass Valley® News Solutions meet these demands and more through nonlinear production workflows that foster creativity, advance the development of compelling content, and help you capitalize on emerging revenue streams and markets.

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Utilizing a common platform across its 50 owned and or operated stations, Raycom Media has close to 900 seats of Grass Valley EDIUS, sharing content between adjacent markets and regions.

Using the efficient workflow of P2 acquisition and EDIUS editing in the filed, or by having editors co-located with producers back at the station, Raycom uses the highest technology available to get their stores to air fast.
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Grass Valley® solutions simplify the way content is produced and delivered across multiple platforms, so you can meet the complex demands of your business and relieve increasing economic and operational pressures. End-to-end production solutions, such as a media workflow application framework like GV STRATUS®, easily integrate into your newsroom systems, to increase efficiency and creativity, improve reliability, and contain costs.

With GV STRATUS, you'll leverage the power of the K2® server and storage infrastructure, along with the versatility of the EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear editing software, for a true end-to-end production workflow. The LDX Series™ of cameras, with its incredible sensitivity and sophisticated features, will give your operators control over their acquisition for news content. Grass Valley broadcast infrastructure provides you a solid backbone for signal routing and management in and out of the newsroom.

By removing technical limitations that prohibit team members getting their jobs done, you'll give unprecedented power to each individual user for maximum creativity. With such powerful production management capabilities, you'll turn your creative vision into valuable, monetized content.

Support traditional broadcasting and serve more distribution outlets
Connect your newsroom to enhanced production tools and easily deliver content to multiple news distribution points from a single newsroom—without impacting the editorial process.

Meet creative demand
Highly customized workflows and technologically-sophisticated production tools can be combined to provide you with new opportunities for unmatched creativity and increased revenue.

Relieve pressure on operating expenses
When you partner with Grass Valley, you'll have the tools you need to build a comprehensive newsroom ecosystem that requires less technical knowledge to produce more, better content.

Optimize workflows
Yes, you can automate control room tasks. You can streamline inefficiencies. You can focus on new business goals. Grass Valley's Ignite Automated Production Control makes it possible.

Plan for future needs
With Grass Valley's software-based news solutions, you'll be able to upgrade functionality and avoid the economic burden of completely replacing equipment.

Ensure newsroom success
When you partner with Grass Valley, you're backed by a team of Professional Services experts with unrivaled television experience, and 18 Technical Emmy® Awards. We've helped broadcasters around the world design and deploy advanced newsroom production facilities. Through our Global Support, these same broadcasters are backed by 24/7/365 service agreements that ensure success. Learn more about Grass Valley Support »

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation Case Study

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Japan

CHALLENGE: To upgrade its current tape-based workflow to a complete nonlinear system

SOLUTION: GV STRATUS, K2 SAN storage, K2 Summit, EDIUS HDWS 3GS Elite turnkey editing system, GeckoFlex

BENEFITS: A streamlined, collaborative, and efficient workflow with multiformat nonlinear editing capabilities and a high-performance media server

Posted Aug 28 2014 (GVB-1-0031A-EN) File Size: 1.1 MB

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Māori Television Improves Productivity With Grass Valley Case Study

When it comes to the production technology it uses, Māori Television understands the value of quality. That's why they selected Grass Valley products and systems for their major facility upgrade solution. Grass Valley's reliability, operational longevity, and adaptability just made good financial sense. With careful planning and expert help from Grass Valley system integration engineers, a comprehensive facility upgrade was designed.

The first phase successfully replaced Māori Television's aging central routing switcher with a new Grass Valley Trinix® NXT without affecting on-air or in-house operational performance. The new technology implementation employed includes a GV STRATUS™ media workflow application framework, a series of K2 Summit® production clients, and multiple seats of EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear editors—all connected to a K2 SAN. Māori Television also uses its two K2 Dyno Replay Systems integrated into the advanced news and general production environment.

Posted Aug 22 2012 (GVB-1-0052A-EN-CS) File Size: 632.5 KB

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WGBH Getting Ignited and Finding Efficiency Along The Way Case Study

With the termination of federal Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP) grants, many local PBS member stations like WGBH in Boston—whose award-winning programs are widely viewed nationwide and around the world—have had to look carefully at what they spend in order to get the most value. It's a tough challenge because, even with less money, the station must continue to achieve its mission of serving the community with locally focused educational programming.

One of the last PTFP grants made before the program ended was awarded to WGBH to help continue its mission. In early 2011, WGBH decided to migrate its production capabilities to an Ignite® automated production system from Grass Valley®. The system allows a single operator to take on several roles required during production.

Posted Jan 17 2012 (LPS-4042M) File Size: 875.4 KB

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Nine Network Australia: Kayenne streamlines production at Nine Network Australia for a variety of program types Case Study

Before making any decisions on a new switcher, the engineering staff at Nine Network Australia conducted the proper due diligence and researched four other manufacturers' products, just to be sure they were making the right decision.

Gary Newnham, Video Switcher Director at Nine Network Australia, sat down and played with the new Kayenne Video Production Center at several trade shows and it had instant visual appeal for him. With its RGB buttons, OLED displays, and ergonomic design, it looked ready to take on the 21st century.

Posted Jul 29 2011 (LPS-4032M) File Size: 761.0 KB

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Kathryn O’Leary: EDIUS in News Case Study

As a veteran news editor on staff at an NBC affiliate station in the central New England area, Kathryn O'Leary likes to work fast. When there's a breaking story to tell, she doesn't have time for technology that bogs her down or makes her wait. That's why she's a big fan of the Grass Valley® EDIUS® nonlinear editing system.

When her station's news department made the migration to nonlinear editing in the spring of 2008, they chose the latest version of EDIUS primarily because of the system's affordability and real-time performance. The EDIUS software also integrated well with the station's newly installed news production system.

Posted Feb 03 2011 (PRV-4121M) File Size: 733.7 KB

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June 10, 2014
MONTREAL, June 10, 2014 — Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, today announced that it is providing Brazil's TV Serra Dourada, located in Goiânia, with a flexible new camera setup that includes seven LDX Flex advanced imaging cameras and seven Elite XCU (eXchangeable Control Unit) base stations with triax transmission as part of the station's new HD news production workflow.
April 8, 2014
MONTREAL, April 8, 2014 — Japan's KTV, the Kansai Telecasting Corporation located in Osaka, has migrated to a full 4K editing system with powerful, forward-thinking newsroom solutions from Grass Valley, A Belden Brand. The station has purchased the EDIUS HDWS 4K desktop turnkey system and EDIUS Elite HDWS 3GX system for powerful, real-time 4K editing capabilities. KTV also purchased Grass Valley's GV STRATUS Nonlinear Media Production Tools and K2 Summit media server for a complete, file-based workflow to be used in conjunction with EDIUS for powerful editing functionality across its newsroom operations.
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