More channels, less resources. That’s today’s challenge with playout.

That’s why Grass Valley offers a unique portfolio of playout solutions to meet the challenges of today’s master control room environment.

Integrated Playout

If automation is at the center of your MCR operation, then you know how complex dealing with pre-recorded content, live programming or a combination can be – especially when you add graphics, branding, subtitling and captioning. That’s why Grass Valley can provide all the pieces to make your automation system easy to use – and integrated into the industry’s number one integrated playout platform, iTX. Even when manually controlled to incorporate more live content, iTX keeps you efficient and flexible – with scalability to add channels when business opportunities arise. 

Traditional Master Control

If you’re a traditional playout facility, one of the most challenging aspects of your operation is flexibility. That’s why we offer two solutions. First, a client/server solution that can easily handle multiple formats and automatically deal with aspect ratio issues, Second, a cost-effective, easy to integrate shared storage solu­tion that can handle up to 20 HD channels in one package – with reduced cost of implementation and simplification of oper­ation without compromising on performance.

Cloud-enabled Playout

Perhaps the biggest decision you may have to make is whether or not Cloud playout makes sense for you, your operation and your staff. Cloud playout is not for everyone, that’s why Grass Valley designed a Cloud-enabled playout solution that makes perfect sense in today’s rapidly expanding media environment. With GV STRATUS Playout cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) with on-site solid-state media storage, you have full control of where your media lives at all times, with the ability to quickly address rapidly evolving business needs with a lower cost of ownership.

With business logic and channel management handled in the cloud, the complexity, effort and cost of deploying channels is drastically reduced.

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GV STRATUS Playout Cloud-based SaaS for Automation and Monitoring
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ITV Streamlines Distribution with IT-based Content Delivery Case Study

ITV, the UK's largest commercial television network, will be streamlining its distribution chain using highly integrated IT-based content delivery, based on the iTX solution from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand.

ITV's move to an IT-based system will begin with its new Red Button interactive video services, which are due to launch later this year. The new system will offer much greater playout flexibility, enhanced scalability and a lower cost of ownership.

Posted Dec 11 2014 (GVB-1-0259A-EN-CS) File Size: 576.6 KB

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Overcoming the Burden of VOD White Paper

For many broadcast engineers and operations managers, the number one headache right now is generating ondemand content. It takes up lots of their time, while generating low revenue streams in comparison to traditional, linear television. Evidently, this is not a viable long-term option, and this has prompted considerable interest in speeding the creation of nonlinear content, as well as improving the associated revenues.

Posted Dec 05 2014 (GVB-1-0285A-EN-WP) File Size: 745.8 KB

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Maintaining Frame-Accurate Operation in iTX White Paper

The iTX software is designed to provide frame-accurate, scheduled playout of video and audio content using a standard IT hardware platform operating under Microsoft Windows Server. This simple statement often raises a question regarding the ability of any software application to maintain frame-accurate operation in a non-real-time environment such as that provided by the Windows Server operating system.

To address this question as it applies to iTX, it is necessary first to understand the processing environment provided by Microsoft Windows Server and other software operating systems, as well as the capabilities and limitations of modern IT hardware.

Posted Dec 03 2014 (GVB-1-0260A-EN-WP) File Size: 536.9 KB

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Centralized Multistation Operation with iTX White Paper

About ten years ago, following the widespread deployment of master control automation systems in the US station market, the concept of centralized operation of multiple stations under common ownership was evaluated and, in several cases, deployed. The results of these initial multistation centralizations were mixed, and a primary objective of significantly lower operating costs was not always achieved since the resultant savings in manpower proved inadequate to offset the cost of the required communications links at 1990s' rates. Nevertheless, several of these centralized projects continue in operation today, and a few have been expanded or upgraded with newer technology. Overall, however, the anticipated substantial benefits of station group centralization have not been fully realized, and broadcasters continue to look for new models to improve their bottom line through reduced costs.

Posted Nov 26 2014 (GVB-1-0252A-EN-WP) File Size: 1.6 MB

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Māori Television Improves Productivity With Grass Valley Case Study

When it comes to the production technology it uses, Māori Television understands the value of quality. That's why they selected Grass Valley products and systems for their major facility upgrade solution. Grass Valley's reliability, operational longevity, and adaptability just made good financial sense. With careful planning and expert help from Grass Valley system integration engineers, a comprehensive facility upgrade was designed.

The first phase successfully replaced Māori Television's aging central routing switcher with a new Grass Valley Trinix® NXT without affecting on-air or in-house operational performance. The new technology implementation employed includes a GV STRATUS™ media workflow application framework, a series of K2 Summit® production clients, and multiple seats of EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear editors—all connected to a K2 SAN. Māori Television also uses its two K2 Dyno Replay Systems integrated into the advanced news and general production environment.

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