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We don't want to brag, but we do have a little experience in this area.

Grass Valley® content management, playout, and publishing solutions are engineered to take full advantage of the benefits of file-based content while reducing operational costs, adapting to new business opportunities, and delivering five-nines reliability.

We're your expert partner, always there. We're committed to simplifying the way live content is produced and delivered across multiple platforms, and we'll help you find the perfect balance between operational flexibility, efficiency, and ROI. We promise.

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Being a public television station, new capital investments are always a concern. Therefore, the Trinix router was purchased used and completely retrofitted with new parts, giving the station lots of room for growth.
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When it comes to today's broadcast playout ecosystems, service providers face added business and operational pressures.

Whether it's traditional playout with discrete components, automated systems, or a combination of the two, you need solutions that empower the creative process and balance your need for operational flexibility and efficiencies, and measureable returns.

With Grass Valley Playout Solutions, you'll get a playout deployment that is tailored to your precise requirements while promoting scalability. Third-party integration and transparent multi-format capability increases the efficiency and flexibility of your environment.

Grass Valley Playout Solutions are purpose-built for reliability and dependability, so you'll have confidence that you'll always be able to support complex operations, control costs, and meet changing and increasing demands.

Reach a larger audience: With Grass Valley broadcast playout solutions, you'll have the ability to manage premium channels and fully automated channels in a single playout ecosystem. You'll support complex operations without increased complexity.

Adapt to changing viewing habits: With automated, multiplatform media delivery workflows, you'll create once, and publish everywhere. As viewing habits evolve, you'll be ready with faster, more efficient, and more profitable content distribution.

Increase reliability and control costs: By optimizing standard IT Enterprise-class components with Grass Valley's core video and audio technologies, you benefit from five-nines reliability without breaking the bank.

Benefit from advanced technologies: With Grass Valley's comprehensive software and firmware upgrade capabilities, you'll release the constraints of outdated resources and put yourself at the forefront of innovation.

Ensure playout success: When you partner with Grass Valley, you're backed by a team of Professional Services experts, and 18 Technical Emmy® Awards. Every day, we help broadcasters design and deploy advanced playout solutions, and with 24/7/365 Customer Support, you'll ensure the most successful implementation possible for your environment.

Los Angeles International Airport Case Study

LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports), US


CHALLENGE: Constructing a massive LED architectural component that provides 24/7/365 updates and information to the airport's millions of passengers

Seven Grass Valley K2 Summit transmission servers

BENEFITS: A proven system that consistently manages video and provides a level of redundancy, allowing for 24/7 operations

Posted Feb 07 2014 (SDP-5114M) File Size: 463.5 KB

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Viacom International Media Networks Case Study

When Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) needed a reliable playout solution to handle the rapidly expanding channel count at its two main distribution facilities in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and London, they chose the Smart Playout Center™—an automated, multichannel, integrated playout system from Grass Valley®.

Posted Feb 26 2013 (SDP-5092M) File Size: 367.5 KB

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NTV-PLUS Using Grass Valley integrated production infrastructure for high-pressure, mission-critical performance at the London Summer Games Case Study

Leading Russian satellite broadcaster NTV-Plus was planning comprehensive coverage of a number of major sporting events from London in 2012. After reviewing the broad range of international and domestic options, and analyzing the pros and cons, Kolesnikov and his team selected the Grass Valley solution, based on the GV STRATUS® Media Workflow Application Framework.

The GV STRATUS system serves as the heart of an integrated production, post, and distribution system, as NTV-Plus continues to update its operations

Posted Jan 31 2013 (SDP-4087M) File Size: 715.5 KB

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SES Platform Services Turnkey Distribution with Grass Valley Integrated Playout Solution Case Study

As an experienced multichannel service provider, SES Platform Services GmbH (formerly ASTRA Platform Services, a division of SES) has built a thriving business helping content owners distribute their programs across Europe. Based on its success in Europe, SES has been expanding its activities worldwide.

SES uses the Nexus integrated playout, Cobalt automation, and PTS scheduling software for many of the playout services it offers: starting from an entry level Playout Basic up to its high-end Playout Pro solution. Grass Valley has taken the Nexus technology and enhanced it with new features in the K2 Edge Integrated Playout System.

Posted Sep 27 2012 (MPS-4010M-2) File Size: 680.2 KB

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Māori Television Improves Productivity With Grass Valley Case Study

When it comes to the production technology it uses, Māori Television understands the value of quality. That's why they selected Grass Valley products and systems for their major facility upgrade solution. Grass Valley's reliability, operational longevity, and adaptability just made good financial sense. With careful planning and expert help from Grass Valley system integration engineers, a comprehensive facility upgrade was designed.

The first phase successfully replaced Māori Television's aging central routing switcher with a new Grass Valley Trinix® NXT without affecting on-air or in-house operational performance. The new technology implementation employed includes a GV STRATUS™ media workflow application framework, a series of K2 Summit® production clients, and multiple seats of EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear editors—all connected to a K2 SAN. Māori Television also uses its two K2 Dyno Replay Systems integrated into the advanced news and general production environment.

Posted Aug 22 2012 (GV-4108M) File Size: 534.7 KB

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March 11, 2014
Hillsboro, Ore., March 11, 2014 — Turkish satellite television provider Digiturk will be expanding its broadcast facility and improving its current infrastructure with the addition of a new Grass Valley® Trinix® NXT 192x192 Digital Video Routing Switcher, a new Apex Plus 384x384 Digital Audio Routing Switcher, a Maestro™ Scalable Master Control system, and a Jupiter™ Routing Switcher Control, to quickly and efficiently deliver programming to its satellite platform.
December 18, 2013
Hillsboro, Ore., December 18, 2013 — ST Teleport, the Singapore-based full-service satellite communications solution provider, installed Grass Valley® GV Edge™ integrated playout system with K2 Edge™ playout nodes to cost effectively manage and deliver HD channel content across Asia. Using a single K2 Edge playout node, ST Teleport will be able to create, expand and streamline its multichannel system in a simple, resilient and scalable way.
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