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Grass Valley Customer Support

Going Dark Isn't An Option

Incredible Service, Always On

You need to meet uptime requirements for critical operations, support for non-critical operations, and simplify overall maintenance planning. With Grass Valley® Customer Support, you have multiple ways to maintain performance, and keep operations up and running smoothly. Grass Valley's suite of service agreements help you protect your investments, and improve operational efficiency, so you can identify issues before they become disruptions to your workflow and/or budget.

In Australia, two rival television broadcasters have come together to pool their resources and develop one of the world's most advanced playout centers: MediaHub Australia. ABC and WIN developed the requirements specification of the center, and then turned to the Grass Valley® Systems Group to turn it into a reality.
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Keeping the lights on, all the time: Your bottom line relies on operational efficiency and system uptime. Grass Valley service agreements provide expert assistance, telephone support, spare parts, software upgrades, and more. With them, you'll reduce downtime, simplify maintenance planning, and enjoy stress-free ownership.

Get fast support, around the clock: With Grass Valley's Baseline, Preventative, Optimization and Educational Services, you'll have a partner with global expertise and local presence. With 24/7/365 international contact centers, you'll always have an expert by your side to give you the attention you deserve.

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