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Authorized Service Partner Program

Global Vision, Local Reach

Authorized Service Partners in Your Area

Phone calls are good. A local expert who understands your business is even better.

The Grass Valley® Authorized Service Partner Program ensures you have a local expert who understands your unique business needs and regional pressures.

Encompass Digital Media, has selected Grass Valley as one of its technology partners for implementing the company's strategic plan to invest in and rebuild their playout facility in central London.
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A single point of contact: Grass Valley Authorized Service Partners are required to master technical expertise via a rigorous training program, and must earn Grass Valley ASP certification (annually) to satisfy our expectations for high standards of excellence. The certification program includes product training, technical support, and marketing support, so you'll have a single point of contact for all of your equipment, operational, and business needs.

Become the expert: Interested in becoming an Authorized Service Partner? Eligibility is determined based on submission of an application, questionnaire, and face-to-face meetings. Once eligibility is confirmed, a customized training agenda is put in place to help you to achieve the required certifications. Discover how to become a Grass Valley Authorized Service Partner

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