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Welcome! Your journey starts here.


Stop 1: AMPP
Agile production and distribution platform
NEW ◦ GV Hosted Compute - Cloud hosting from Grass Valley
Stop 2: Contribution & Processing
At the edge or in the cloud, signals from anywhere
NEW ◦ AMPP Edge XL - On-premise I/O with extra powerful processing
NEW ◦ Alchemist X- High quality SaaS Frame Rate Conversion on AMPP
Stop 3: Networking
Software defined infrastructure in any format SDI, IP, UHD, HDR, JPEG XS
NEW ◦ KudosPro UMC1000 - UHD MC conversion in 1RU
NEW ◦ KudosPro ULC2000 - Dual Channel UHD processor
NEW ◦ Flex MV32-12G - Flexible, Modular Multiviewer System
NEW ◦ Sirius Compact 12g – 16x16 to 64x64 routers
Stop 4: Orchestration
Hybrid infrastructure management
NEW ◦ GVO-HW2 - Cost effective server
NEW ◦ GV Orbit - Network orchestration with ARISTA SDN and AMPP Support


Stop 5: Monitoring & Shading
Remote Creative Grading
NEW ◦ Creative Grading X - Grading from anywhere via IP or cloud
Stop 6: Cameras
IP-connected with licensable options
NEW ◦ LDX 135 - Entry level model for LDX 100 series
NEW ◦ XCU Xpress UXF- Universal Base station
Stop 7: Live Production
Video, audio mixing, and replay
NEW ◦ LiveTouch X - Replay for high-scale distributed production environments
NEW ◦ Audio Mix X - High-performance audio mixer for cloud-based live media production
Stop 8: Production Switching
Scale to any size production
NEW ◦ K-Frame CS X - Cloud-based switcher engine for any Grass Valley panel
NEW ◦ Kula with GV Kombine - Meshed switching for UHD and increased switching capacity
Stop 9: Switcher Frame
12G frames, cloud processing or mesh technologies


Stop 10: Editing & Asset Management
Collaborate and automate anyway you choose
NEW ◦ Elastic Recorder X - Capture from any input and any location to any storage
NEW ◦ Framelight X - Next-generation asset management
Stop 11: Playout
Live, linear, and OTT distribution
NEW ◦ Playout X - Flexible, scalable, cloud-first playout solution
NEW ◦ Masterpiece X - Cloud-based, broadcast-grade master control


Stop 12: GV Alliance Members

GV Alliance is an open ecosystem that supports qualified solutions from third parties.




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