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Grass Valley is making it simpler and more cost effective to create and distribute media in a new business and operations environment that brings together:

Existing media production technology, including  integrated solutions from third party alliance members

New SaaS applications

A common marketplace of apps and services

All running under a common user interface in a state-of-the-art environment we call AMPP, the Agile Media Processing Platform. Designed specifically for media production professionals, AMPP is a production and distribution platform that gives content creators the technology path they need to succeed in the ever-changing media and entertainment landscape.

Unlike other companies that make one-off production products, AMPP’s modular architecture and seamless operation between hardware and software allow users the ability to quickly choose the best tools for their specific workflow, when and where they need them.

AMPP easily handles all the production and distribution requirements of live streaming media and entertainment on-prem or in the cloud. Designed to handle all of the difficult challenges of live production such as frame-accurate signal timing, signal distribution, and automated workflows, solutions running on AMPP are frame accurate, responsive, and compatible with familiar control surfaces and applications.

Operating AMPP in the public cloud allows the system to scale to as many instances as required without upfront buildout. Its microservices architecture provides the ability to spin up or tear down functionality in minutes. There is no need to guess how large or small the system will need to be in the future. Its cloud location also provides global reach, allowing creatives to work from an HTML5 browser over typical residential internet. The operator experience remains the same regardless of the distance from the processing.




Open to the industry


The AMPP platform may be leveraged by the entire media and entertainment industry. Grass Valley has opened AMPP as a platform for connecting on-prem and cloud solutions from vendors across the industry. As members of the GV Media Universe Alliance, they provide a range of complementary technologies and services that are tested and certified to ensure compatibility and interoperability.

Integrating multiple vendors is complex. AMPP removes that complexity. Working from a common platform makes it easy for Alliance members to quickly bring solutions to market and eliminates any integration work on the part of AMPP customers. Connecting solutions via AMPP will minimize deployment and integration cost, while improving security and reliability.





Connected Hardware


AMPP supports more than SaaS. It also provides a path to the future from existing peripheral hardware. Qualified devices can contribute content as part of larger solutions. To control applications, AMPP is typically accessed through a UI in an HTML5 browser window. But some functions such video or audio mixing may be easier to do with a physical panel. For these applications, AMPP interfaces with familiar control surfaces.

Using existing equipment makes it easy for operators to transition as their user interface and expected response times remain the same whether to connected to physical or virtual systems. In addition to SMPTE ST 2110, AMPP supports a wide range of streaming protocols such as HTML, SRT, RIST, and NDI. This gives customers the ability to generate multiple versions of programming, increasing the number of revenue streams for any piece of content.




Apps & Solutions


Solutions running on AMPP are transforming every step of the production chain, from acquisition and contribution through production, management, and distribution to linear, OTT and social channels. Because they share a common environment, any AMPP-enabled solution can exchange content and resources on-the-fly with other applications running on AMPP to simplify the production chain.

AMPP solutions provide a set of cloud-based features that are familiar to broadcast equipment operators with performance that matches the highest quality on-premise solutions while expanding beyond traditional constraints associated with scale, geo-location, and equipment utilization. Whether you work from a local studio or with globally distributed contributors, AMPP can create work environments for every member of the production team.

To quickly spin up a solution, select everything you need for your workflow from the AMPP app store. Accessible to all authorized users on your account, the AMPP app store provides a full overview and detailed explanation of all applications on AMPP.



User Experience


Bringing all solutions, services and management tools into a single environment creates a common user experience that reduces training time and makes it easier to operate. Integration goes well beyond acquiring applications and services from a single marketplace. User interfaces for multiple applications can share a single screen, dashboards for managing logging, resources, and status include all running applications. Logging and billing are also unified, making it easy to match resources consumed to the content created for specific ROI evaluations.


Commercial Benefits


Connecting workflows through AMPP helps solve business and operational problems that come from inflexible traditional production and distribution models.. 

  • No need to provide a system for maximum capacity. Expand the capability of existing equipment and operations with seamless integration to cloud services.
  • Quickly deploy, reconfigure, and scale production workflows to meet your needs. 
  • Subscription pricing and Pay-As-You-Go matches production costs with revenue. 
  • No downtime for maintenance, updates, or repairs. 
  • Data is automatically backed up and protected with the latest security practices. 


Telling our Story

Our customers make us who we are, what we are doing and where we are going. We’re delighted that they believe in our vision and love GV AMPP.



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