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PLAYOUT Business Success

At Grass Valley we believe that we succeed together, so your success is our success. Ensuring that each playout system is designed and deployed specifically to meet your on-air dates is one of our highest priorities. This requires expertise spanning numerous disciplines to guarantee your total satisfaction. Trust Grass Valley, the world's leading playout provider, to deliver the playout solution that's exactly right for you.

Business Success


When it comes to deploying a playout system, there are many aspects to consider — from channel requirements, to integration with many other business systems, and more. Making sure a system design is correctly architected and a suitable project plan is formulated is the only way to ensure a successful deployment. A flawed design and subsequent inaccurate project plans will lead to overruns, which means added expense for you.

To ensure a successful, on-time and fit-for-purpose system is delivered, the entire playout project lifecycle is handled by a dedicated Grass Valley playout team. You'll work with one team from the initial sales contact to pre-sales architecture, project planning, project delivery and dedicated support.

This means Grass Valley offers a smooth and seamless system deployment — ensuring you meet your on-air date commitments.


Grass Valley's playout function has its own dedicated Research and Development department that employs modern agile software development techniques and tooling to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Those same techniques are also used to transform our customers' own requirements and feature requests into a working application.

Incorporating continuous integration and automated testing into the development pipeline, thousands of tests are performed with each code change. No software is released without first passing Grass Valley's stringent internal quality control processes. Our investment in testing infrastructure means regression testing, interoperability testing, load and stability testing are all carried out using in-house production style environments. Products are validated as they would by operators, at the system level. This gives you the confidence that Grass Valley playout products are robust, fit-for-purpose and feature rich.


Playout is only one part of a complete broadcast system. Having all of the constituent parts needed to complete the broadcast chain — from media capture, delivery, processing, presentation and then to air — involves a variety of processes and systems. Historically this meant a multivendor solution involving the usual and often painful integration headaches — painful in terms of technology hurdles and painful in terms of time, which also means money.

The Grass Valley portfolio of products allows you to mitigate integration headaches, streamline designs, ensure interoperability and be confident that your system will be deployed by a company that provides the full solution. The end result is greater than the sum of its parts.


Grass Valley has decades of experience in the playout market. The combination of companies that have blended to form the Grass Valley of today bring an enormous wealth of expertise gained by working with the widest range of broadcasters from all over the world. Our close working relationship with customers means that our playout products have evolved to solve real-world problems and make operations run smoother and more efficiently, offering savings in both time and money.


With more on-air channels than any other provider, Grass Valley has worldwide presence with dedicated playout support specialists so that you can have the same 99.999% uptime as enjoyed by other Grass Valley playout solution users.


With changes in the playout market, including the transition to cloud-based solutions and other innovations, customers are experiencing uncertainty as to which road to travel with their next project. With this uncertainty, projects get deferred until there is a clear path forward. In order to assure you that you're making the right choice at the right time, Grass Valley has introduced the Evergreen program.

Evergreen is for new iTX, Morpheus and ICE purchases or paid upgrades. The program provides you predictable total cost of ownership, with the flexibility to migrate channels to new technologies and cloud-based platforms.