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PLAYOUT Managing OTT derivatives of existing channels

Simplify multi-regional playout and optimize revenue generation with more targeted advertising. Make your content more relevant with regional content substitution or local playout in a hub / spoke topology.

Managing OTT derivatives of existing channels


Media organizations are increasingly looking to generate a contribution for OTT delivery from their linear channels, primarily to take advantage of personalized advertising monetization. Generating an OTT derivative of an existing channel can be a complicated process as it often involves third-party equipment. However, Grass Valley removes the need for additional third-party systems by providing an OTT friendly stream directly from your linear channel.

Grass Valley playout solutions support a wide variety of output streams, some for use as an OTT contribution stream. We automatically insert the triggers required to allow various big data services to insert personalized commercial content. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to originate an OTT channel.