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PLAYOUT Implementations

Today, media organizations have a variety of options for the implementation of their playout system: on-premises, virtualized, cloud-based or a hybrid solution. With Grass Valley, the choice is yours. We don't dictate decisions that you've reached through careful research and consideration of your business plans for the future. We believe how you distribute your content is your business. Making it easy is ours.



Grass Valley's core playout software can be supplied pre-installed on COTS hardware straight from our factory. Alternatively, you can supply your own COTS hardware within your private data center and the core playout software can be deployed onto these servers.

The iTX and ICE integrated playout solutions are offered as an appliance, ready to go! These appliances offer a much reduced physical hardware installation footprint when compared to using discrete devices. Plus you'll be able to take advantage of savings on power, cooling, and physical real estate, and you'll see increased functionality and reliability.


Virtualization techniques can be used to drastically improve the density of a playout system's deployment. Significant savings on rack real estate, power and cooling can be achieved by using high-density compute servers, like blades running multiple virtual machines. Running the core iTX and Morpheus software systems and services on virtual machines hosted on high-density compute systems provides a cost-effective solution in terms of running costs and rack real estate.

At Grass Valley, we're experts at helping organizations of all sizes and playout models migrate their playout to virtual machines — knowing what aspects of a system lends itself to running on virtual machines. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the webpage to get more information and find out how Grass Valley virtualized iTX or Morpheus systems can make your operation more efficient.


Similar to running software on a virtual machine installed on a server in an on-premise data center, the same software can be run in the public cloud. This deployment topology can reduce or completely remove the need for any on-premise hardware. This changes traditional capital expenditures for playout to operational expenditures.

Using the "pay-as-you-go" method offered by public cloud providers, the hosting charges required to run software is only paid for when it is used. This unparalleled flexibility in resource usage with high availability coupled with financially attractive payment methods makes public cloud deployments compelling and increasingly popular.

Grass Valley can help you leverage the most out of cloud-based playout, with services and features you'll only find from the leader in worldwide on-air channels.