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Using IP to Solve the Multiformat (HD, 4K & Hfr) Truck Challenge

Using IP to Solve the Multiformat (HD, 4K & HFR) Truck Challenge

Today's live production space is in a state of change, again. The progression of UHD 4K deployments marches on in many geographies. Other technological changes including HDR and WCG which were seeing proof of concepts in the past year are now seeing production deployment. At Grass Valley we have been working hard behind the scenes to support those tests and bring to market products that will add value to these technologies in real world production.

The technology supporting these format enhancements has also progressed. Many of our customers are telling us that they are much more comfortable with a IP-based solution due to the work of AIMS and its members pushing an interoperable standard forward in the market. That work continues as SMPTE 2110 marches towards ratification and adoption.

Products like GV Node are being deployed in volume now in live production applications, both in mobile and fixed environments. Grass Valley has led the way in providing standards-based core networking technology for live production. Additional write-ups on these deployments are accessible on grassvalley.com.

One unique technology being deployed in many of Grass Valley's IP-based 4K solutions is the use of TICO. The ISO JPEG group is developing JPEG-XS as an ISO standard codec providing low latency, low power and low cost hardware/software implementations. TICO is the baseline codec for this standardization effort. Where IP endpoints can still be expensive, TICO allows for a practical application of technology to make both IP and 4K affordable.

As the production requirements progress past UHDTV1 this technique will continue to have benefits. UHDTV2 and 8K will require increasing data rates that means even as IP technologies advance, more data will be required. Having a single transport for a single stream can be a great solution, but it comes at a cost. The expense gets very large in live production applications with thousands of effective crosspoints.

But we at Grass Valley certainly recognize that IP is not the only path to 4K. Many approaches may be necessary to meet the needs of the market. Grass Valley has UHD solutions in the market today that include not just 10GbE with TICO but also SDI to be flexible for customers in multiple geographies and with different use cases. Customers and end-users appreciate a balanced approach that allows for a staged implementation to IP.

Our core live production products are available with SDI interfaces either using SDQS, 2SI or 12Gb SDI interfaces and more are on the way. A balanced approach to implementation has always been our goal, to enable you, our valued customers, with solutions that meet your requirements.

I hope you enjoy reading the article attached, it gives some addition insight into producing a flexible production environment.

- Sam

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