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Changes in Technology and Viewership – Grass Valley Is Ready

Changes in Technology and Viewership – Grass Valley Is Ready

Depending on where a media organization or broadcaster is geographically located, they are dealing with a myriad of technological and viewership changes, from HD to 4K, SDR to HDR, even SD to HD, with the television set being relegated to a piece of furniture with people watching "TV" on a variety of devices (including traditional TVs) based on their own schedules.

We asked Marco Lopez to address the changing television and media business as the industry approaches NAB 2017.

Q: Let's discuss the cutting edge of technology: 4K and HDR. How is Grass Valley helping broadcasters and media organizations deal with both legacy and new formats simultaneously from a workflow and bottom line perspective?

A: For the past several years, we've been making strong moves to improve the level of flexibility we offer our customers because we recognized that this was their biggest challenge — how do they manage change in a cost-effective way while continuing to provide the high quality their viewers demand? In many ways, this attitude is the driving force behind our Content Your Way vision.

Our goal is to provide solutions that are flexible, adaptable and easy to build upon. We do this by focusing on the use of open, widely accepted standards, by virtualizing solutions and leveraging the power of the data center, where possible, and by providing platforms that are upgradeable and extensible and that won't require forklift upgrades in the near future.

Q: NHK is heavily promoting 8K, especially with their plans for the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. What is your advice to broadcasters and others who are still trying to wrap their heads (and facilities and budgets) around 4K, while 8K may be less than three years away?

A: There will always be companies in our industry who push the envelope and drive technology innovations that change the game. In many cases, it's us doing it! You're right, of course — 4K is not even commonly available to home viewers and 8K is already in the conversation. This type of forward momentum is exciting and challenges all of us to be nimble. In fact, we are working with NHK to provide 8K editing with EDIUS.

My advice to our customers is always the same, though — you can trust Grass Valley to be your partner on your road to the future. Again, our reliance and commitment to industry standards will guide us and we'll help our customers make the right move, at the right time, for their specific business challenge.

Q: While Grass Valley has a more than half a century history in this industry, it's made up of a number of different companies from a variety of acquisitions throughout the years. How is this Grass Valley better able to serve its customers?

A: Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is in a unique position in the market because of the stability and influence of Belden, a proven, strategic presence in the broadcast space, and the scale of our company, which enables us to invest in innovation while also providing a level of support to the market that can't be matched.
This was our message to the market following our acquisition by Belden and it remains true and relevant today.
I'm also excited about the company reorganization that we recently completed. We've aligned our internal teams around the Value Streams of Live Production, News and Content Delivery, with a solid networking portfolio to support those value streams. This really represents how our customers apply our solutions in the market and will put us in a better position to execute on our strategy.

Q: Finally, as we approach NAB 2017, a simple question for a complex industry in flux: Why Grass Valley?

A: Only Grass Valley has the scale and stability to deliver integrated solutions that enable the flexibility, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, quality and scalability that content creators, aggregators and distributors need to sustain their businesses. For nearly 60 years, we've been dedicated to helping broadcasters overcome their various, and continually growing, challenges.

This is an exciting time to be in the broadcast business and we're energized by the challenges our customers are facing. This energy helps us focus and continually improve. Over the past several years, we've aggressively pursued opportunities to provide IP solutions to help improve broadcasters' business agility and introduced a wide range of 4K solutions capable of telling a story with stunning visuals. Now we're introducing expansive plans for HDR across our product portfolio, virtualization and the huge influx of user-generated content. Our holistic approach is one that only Grass Valley can offer due to the breadth of our product range.

Only Grass Valley is equipped to deliver Content Your Way.

Learn more about the wide variety of solutions Grass Valley offers at the 2017 NAB Show 4/24-27 in Las Vegas, booth SL106

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