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    Today's "New" News Workflow

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    News: Part of every day life. No longer appointment television; now viewers not only consume news via their home televisions, but also on their computers and mobile devices. But serving those viewers has become more difficult as their viewing habits have changed and advanced technologies have been introduced into the news production workflow.

    We asked Pete Smerak to address the changing business model around news and its production and distribution.

    Q: What are the top concerns of customers with regard to workflow and capturing share?

    A: Ease of use and operational efficiency are certainly at the top of the list. A consistent experience between tools as well as workflow automation is critical. Managing, archiving, performance/metric reporting, and tracking multiple versions of a story across all destinations from social media to syndication, and on broadcaster websites and mobile apps is vital.

    Q: What tools are essential for news broadcasters today?

    A: Tools that facilitate coping with content from almost any source, and being able to distribute that content quickly is essential. Cloud-based tools are important to facilitate working from almost anywhere. Tools that support burst consumption models are equally as important to deal with the changing ways content is being watched.

    Q: How can Broadcasters keep costs under control while keeping their news workflow up-to-date?

    A: Today's solution is to use on premise systems more efficiently by using virtualization to share common hardware with multiple systems and to leverage more cost effective commodity storage solutions for media. Another way is to use systems which are paid for on a consumption basis. This may work well when services are rarely needed, but right now these solutions are in their infancy for mainstream production, and also costly when heavily used.

    Q: How is Grass Valley helping broadcasters adapt their formats and production process to new platforms and patterns of consumption?

    A: Grass Valley recently launched a new GV STRATUS feature, Social Media Management tools, in Q1 that gives customers the ability to publish directly to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This allows small to medium size customers to get their content quickly and efficiently straight to their audience on those social platforms and across a wide range of devices. This not only allows users to automate the publishing, but provides useful statistics to track their assets, and media manage their content right within their GV STRATUS solution. In Q2 we plan to add integration for popular CMS systems, which will allow users with an existing Content Management System to gain similar benefits and address an even wider range of platforms.

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