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LinkedIn, Grass Valley & NVIDIA: Webinar on cloud-enhanced live production and AMPP

Today’s content creators need more than just industry-leading point products. They need a forward-looking and complete end-to-end solution that is open to third-party technology integration. They need comprehensive service and support options. And the need to realize economic success in an ever-changing environment.

A recent webinar brought together LinkedIn, Grass Valley, and NVIDIA to speak about AMPP, the cloud-enhanced, comprehensive production platform that enables producers to choose workflows for each project, swiftly deploy the best teams and technologies, act nimbly on sudden changes, and squeeze more value from their budgets.

Grass Valley’s Agile Media Processing Platform (AMPP) is the cloud native live production platform that empowers today’s media makers to work flexibly, respond instantly, and conserve costs.

Watch the webinar

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