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    New-Generation Scalable Motion Processing from Mobile to 4K and Beyond Whitepaper (marcom new gen scalable motion processing ) File size: 1.3 MB, posted Jul 26 2017
    Today's broadcast video content is being viewed on the widest range of display devices ever known, from small phone screens and legacy SD TV sets to enormous 4K and 8K UHDTV displays. The growth in size and resolution is happening alongside many other improvements, in grey-scale resolution, colorimetry, 3D and, especially, higher frame rates.
    Solving Lip Sync Issues for Remotely Produced Multi-language Sports Events Over IP at Minimal Cost Whitepaper (GVB-1-0728B-EN-WP) File size: 1.1 MB, posted Mar 05 2019
    In the past few years, live broadcasting — specifically live sports — has fostered the growth of remote broadcasting. Though applications vary, remote broadcasting essentially relies on the use of IP connectivity to reduce production costs in a variety of ways. This includes not having to send staff on location, potentially a huge saving.

    Help is at hand. Grass Valley's Media Assurance Technology makes the necessary adjustments to the video and audio signals automatically and continuously to millisecond accuracy. This means that a highly complex problem requiring very tricky continuous adjustment can be managed without human intervention, saving on equipment costs and delivering a higher quality of service without lip sync errors.
    Software Solutions: Software Defined Solutions Whitepaper (GVB-1-0721V-EN-WP) File size: 816.5 KB, posted Apr 06 2018
    At Grass Valley we are pioneering new technologies to enable Software Defined Solutions for playout, media processing, media signature technologies, remote editing, media asset management and workflow automation, supporting media companies' migration towards a software defined future.
    When is Sports Replay NOT Instant Whitepaper (GVB-1-0719A-EN-WP) File size: 951.4 KB, posted May 08 2018
    Grass Valley's sports replay solution, LiveTouch, offers new models of sports workflow that break the basic architectural model and offers users new productivity and creativity.

    Grass Valley has developed recording replay and editing solutions that solve all of these issues enabling production opportunities previously unavailable to customers.

    We have broken the "islands" model by enabling localized storage blocks to use Gigabit Ethernet networks between them intelligently and efficiently. The consequence of this is that solutions need not be designed in chunks wrapped around multicam group limitations, they can instead be designed considering inputs, outputs and operators to better suit individual program demands.
    Remote Production Over IP: The new IP World has Emerged Whitepaper (GVB-1-0718B-EN-WP) File size: 1.3 MB, posted Mar 04 2019
    Ultra high IP network speeds of typically 100 GbE, coupled with very low latency, are proving to be a game-changer for transport and switching of uncompressed 4K UHD and/or HD. As such, the concept of televising a remote event under control from a centralized production studio has rapidly evolved into an attractive option.
    HDR: A Guide to High Dynamic Range Operation for Live Broadcast Applications Whitepaper —by Klaus Weber, Principal, Camera Solutions and Technology, (GVB-1-0676B-EN-WP) File size: 3.6 MB, posted Dec 21 2018
    This whitepaper explains the challenges and the best possible solutions to produce native 10-bit HDR in either HD or 4K UHD, and deliver that content in HDR and SDR simultaneously, as necessary, thanks to the high-quality conversion that can be done with a downmapping process. These solutions provide native support for both of today's worldwide standard: Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Perceptual Quantization (PQ or SMPTE ST 2084).

    HDR is shaping up to be the next major advancement in the viewing experience, with consumers praising the image improvements and broadcasters working to find the best options for delivery. Grass Valley's HDR solutions allow our customers to choose the best approach for their specific production needs today, whether that be HD, 4K UHD or both, through an easy upgrade path with GV-eLicense if today's business model demands HD.

    Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, offers a portfolio of HDR-enabled solutions that includes cameras, switcher frames, servers, routers, up/ downmapping cards and multiviewers. With these devices, broadcasters are able to produce native 10-bit HDR in either HD or 4K UHD and deliver that content in HDR and SDR simultaneously, as necessary, thanks to the high-quality conversion that can be done with a downmapping process.