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    XVP-3901 Densité Up/Down/Crossconversion: 3G/HD/SD Up/Down/Crossconverter with Optional Audio Processor Datasheet (DS-PUB-2-0202A-EN) File size: 2.9 MB, posted Sep 02 2020
    The award-winning XVP-3901 from Grass Valley delivers all essential video and optional audio signal processing functions on a single module. It offers up/down/crossconversion, with simultaneous 3G, HD and SD outputs. There's also integral fiber I/O, full AFD support and background keying.
    XVP-3901-DPI Densité Digital Program Insertion: 3G/HD/SD DPI Inserter/Extractor with Frame Sync Datasheet (DS-PUB-2-0204A-EN) File size: 658.5 KB, posted Sep 02 2020
    The XVP-3901-DPI from Grass Valley is the perfect solution for digital program insertion (DPI) applications. It embeds SMPTE ST 2010 packets containing SCTE 104 DPI messages based on GPI triggers. It can also monitor embedded SMPTE ST 2010 packets for specific SCTE 104 split request messages and triggers the appropriate GPO. All DPI events can be monitored and logged though iControl.
    XVP-3901-XC Densité Crossconversion: 3G/HD Crossconverter with Optional Audio Processor Datasheet (DS-PUB-2-0207A-EN) File size: 2.8 MB, posted Sep 03 2020
    The XVP-3901-XC from Grass Valley is a highly integrated, 3G/HD crossconverter with optional video/audio signal processor, which is designed to synchronize, crossconvert and process HD signals for 3G/HD hybrid plants. It is identical to the XVP-3901 except that it does not have up/downconversion capability.
    HDA-1911 / HDA-3911: 3G/HD/SD SDI Distribution Amplifier (DA) Datasheet (DS-PUB-2-0388A-EN) File size: 450.3 KB, posted Sep 03 2020
    The HDA-1911 and HDA-3911 from Grass Valley are 3G/HD/SD SDI video distribution amplifiers (DAs) that support a variety of compressed and uncompressed serial digital video signals.

    The HDA-1911 and HDA-3911 provide up to nine reclocked outputs with automatic equalization for up to 200 meters (656 feet) of cable using Belden 1694A at 1.5 Gb/s and up to 100 meters (328 feet) at 3 Gb/s.

    The HDA-1911 and HDA-3911 offer fiber connectivity, making it ideal for longer cable lengths. Critical applications protection is provided by a protection bypass relay available on selected rears.

    The HDA-1911 and HDA-3911 share the same feature set and specifications, except that HDA-1911 is a 2 RU card built for the Densité 2 frame while the HDA-3911 is a 3 RU card made for the Densité 3 frame series. Each product has its specific rears as illustrated in the Key Features section and in the ordering information.
    Densité 3+ XIP-3901-UDC-IP: Dual-channel 4K UHD Format Converter with HDR and Audio IP Application for XIP-3901 Datahseet (DS-PUB-2-0910C-EN) File size: 1021.7 KB, posted Sep 16 2020
    The XIP-3901-UDC-IP application from Grass Valley is a dual-channel 4K UHD broadcast-quality format converter with optional HDR and audio processor, supporting IP with dual 25 GbE I/O. Based on open standards, this IP edge processing application is compliant to the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards and JT-NM TR-1001 technical recommendation for easy integration in a broadcast network production environment — confirmed by our successful participation in JT-NM tested events in August 2019 and March 2020.
    UCP-3901: Universal Compute Processor for Densité 3+ Datasheet (DS-PUB-2-0917B-EN) File size: 1014.2 KB, posted Sep 08 2020
    The UCP-3901 is a user-configurable multichannel video-over-IP transceiver developed for use within low-latency and high-bandwidth Ethernet IP networks. It can simultaneously encode two and decode two 12G SDI signals using either SMPTE ST 2110 or SMPTE ST 2022-6 encapsulation standards and transport them over dual 25 GbE links (SMPTE ST 2022-7) providing "hitless" redundancy switching.
    HCO-3931: 12G/3G/HD Change-over with Clean Switch and Automatic Loudness Control Datasheet (DS-PUB-2-0928B-EN) File size: 380.7 KB, posted Oct 19 2020
    The HCO-3931 from Grass Valley is a 4x1 12G/3G/HD SDI change-over that supports 16 channels of embedded audio and metadata. The module can perform a video and audio "clean and quiet switch" between sources. In the event of a power failure, the PGM signal is protected by a bypass circuit fitted on the rear module, maintaining the integrity of the selected MAIN or BACKUP signals at the output, and it is fully controllable via GPI.
    Densité 3+ XIP-3901-UDC-IF: Dual-channel 4K UHD SDI-IP Hybrid Format Converter with HDR and Audio Processing Application for the XIP-3901 Datahseet (DS-PUB-2-0943A-EN) File size: 969.3 KB, posted Sep 30 2020
    The XIP-3901-UDC-IF application from Grass Valley is a dual-channel 4K UHD broadcast-quality format converter with optional HDR and audio processor supporting a hybrid SDI/IP environment.

    The XIP-3901-UDC-IF provides frame synchronization and video processing functions to perform up/down/crossconversion needed to maintain the chosen output format, irrespective of whether the input is HD 720p, 1080i, 1080p or UHD 2160p.