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    Application Notes
    GV STRATUS Virtualized Systems Application Note —by Alex Lakey, (appnote gv stratus virtualization) File size: 412.5 KB, posted Feb 07 2019
    GV STRATUS: System Requirements for Client PCs Application Note —by Drew Martin, GV STRATUS Senior Product Manager, (GVB-1-0653E-EN-AN) File size: 773.3 KB, posted Mar 05 2019
    All systems require one or more GV STRATUS client PCs. Verify that all GV STRATUS client PCs meet system requirements.

    Virtual machines, remote desktop and other modes of remote access are not supported. Lack of robust video/graphic support can cause video display problems.

    • GV STRATUS Web Client • GV STRATUS Low-Resolution Client Workstation • GV STRATUS/EDIUS XS Low-Resolution Client Workstation • GV STRATUS High-Resolution Workstation
    GV STRATUS System Upgrades and Migrations Application Note —by Alex Lakey, (AN-PUB-2-0670B-EN) File size: 1.5 MB, posted Feb 07 2020
    GV STRATUS has been available to customers since 2011 and has been deployed in over 300 customer sites worldwide.

    Grass Valley provides Service Agreements (SA) to cover the hardware and software within these systems, which most customers purchase as part of the system sale. However, the hardware parts in the systems cannot be warrantied beyond five years in a standard SA agreement, meaning many customer systems will now require their hardware components to be replaced to extend the life of their systems (and to stay under a Support Agreement).

    This document explains the Server Upgrade Package options which Grass Valley can offer to customers from GV STRATUS v6.0 onwards.