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    HDA-1861: Reclocked HD/SD/ASI DA with EQ Datasheet (GVB-1-0387C-EN-DS) File size: 464.9 KB, posted Nov 13 2015
    Space-saving, modular platform for advanced signal processing. The HDA-1861 from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is a reclocked HD/SD SDI DA with up to nine outputs and automatic equalization for up to 140 meters (459 feet) using Belden 1694A.
    Reclocking of the video signals provides an additional level of signal integrity in long cable length applications.
    The HDA-1861 DA supports both HD-SDI (SMPTE-292M) and SDI (SMPTE-259M-C) and also offers signal presence detection and remote reporting.