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    Mobile TV Group Flexes IP Capability with Grass Valley Solutions Case Study

    A long-time customer, MTVG uses Grass Valley production switchers and over 300 cameras across its fleet. "We value the relationship we have built with Grass Valley over the years; we take a very collaborative approach with the Grass Valley team who are very open to our input as we strive to give our clients what they need today and address their changing requirements." Said Garvin. "We have also worked closely with them in the past in areas such as super slow-motion cameras."

    45 FLEX is equipped to support 11 Grass Valley cameras: four LDX 86 Universe super slow-motion HD/3G fiber cameras with IP XCU base stations, LDX 82 Première 720p/1080i fiber cameras with IP XCU base stations, and three LDX 82 Première 720p/1080i triax cameras with twin XCU base stations. It also houses Grass Valley's Kayenne K-Frame X multiformat IP production switcher.

    Posted Aug 19 2019 (GVB-2-0746A-EN-CS_MTVG) File Size: 908.7 KB

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    High Dynamic Range 4K UHD Gets Full Test Run at the Alpine Ski World Cup in Italy Case Study

    Global Production decided to also commit two LDX 86N cameras to shooting at 6X speed in order to create exciting images in super-slow motion. Grass Valley followed these sporting events, technically supporting Global Production, by providing spare equipment and giving support in the management of native live HDR.

    The production included a Grass Valley 2 M/E Karrera and Kayenne K-Frame with 192 in and 96 out in 3G, configured in 2.5 M/E 4K UHD with HDR.

    Posted May 03 2019 (GVB-2-0699A-EN-CS) File Size: 457.9 KB

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    Integrated Graphics Control Technical Brief

    Grass Valley and ChyronHego accelerate direct switcher control of graphics with the introduction of Integrated Graphics Control (IGC), a plug-and-play innovation that allows a Director or TD to control ChyronHego graphics directly from your Grass Valley Kayenne, Korona, and Karerra Video Production Center user interface.

    Posted Mar 22 2019 (GVB-1-0805A-EN-TB) File Size: 1.1 MB

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    Grass Valley Systems Drive Playout and Quality Monitoring at MNN Case Study

    Grass Valley's Morpheus and ICE playout systems, Sirius router, and Hyperion monitoring system provide redundancy and top quality of experience while reducing costs.

    Posted Mar 08 2019 (GVB-1-0788A-EN-CS) File Size: 749.6 KB

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    Prince William County Schools Build New Digital Broadcast Operation Case Study

    Grass Valley routing, automation, and master control solutions anchor station's migration to digital broadcasting.

    Posted Mar 08 2019 (GVB-1-0787A-EN-CS) File Size: 864.4 KB

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    ANO Sports Broadcasting Selects Grass Valley Routers and Kahuna Switchers Case Study

    Grass Valley technologies to provide state-of-the-art, futureproofed TV facilities at 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

    Posted Mar 08 2019 (GVB-1-0786A-EN-CS) File Size: 1.0 MB

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    Kahuna Multi-Format Switcher Supports Broadcast Station Growth in Southern China Case Study

    Kahuna switchers provide efficiency, security and intuitive HD migration pathway at TVS.

    Posted Mar 08 2019 (GVB-1-0785A-EN-CS) File Size: 898.0 KB

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    China's Urumqi TV Builds State-of-the-Art HD OB Van on Significant Deployment of Grass Valley Equipment Case Study

    Grass Valley Production Switcher, Router, Format Converter, and Infrastructure gear provide flexible, futureproof solution for live news gathering and mobile production.

    Posted Mar 08 2019 (GVB-1-0784A-EN-CS) File Size: 852.2 KB

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    TV Skyline stays ahead of the game with Kahuna and Maverik Case Study

    Leading German OB company relies on Grass Valley switchers for reliability and versatility.

    Posted Mar 08 2019 (GVB-1-0783A-EN-CS) File Size: 1.2 MB

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    NEP The Netherlands Migration to IP Case Study

    NEP The Netherlands select Grass Valley technology to fulfill their current needs and facilitate their migration to their IP future vision.

    Posted Mar 08 2019 (GVB-1-0782A-EN-CS) File Size: 1.8 MB

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    Driving Broadcast Innovation: Grass Valley and Timeline TV Deliver Live 4K Sports Case Study

    Kahuna switcher and Sirius router serve as the UHD backbone for Timeline's game-changing UltraHD 4K mobile production truck.

    Posted Mar 08 2019 (GVB-1-0781A-EN-CS) File Size: 1.1 MB

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    Building IP based production Systems Case Study

    BCE Chooses Grass Valley as primary partner for 'RTL City' Project. Grass Valley's experience and product offering was truly unmatched. They quickly understood our business needs and challenges, and have technology that offers flexibility and scalability, making them the right partner to help undertake our IP deployment.

    Posted Mar 08 2019 (GVB-1-0780A-EN-CS) File Size: 819.2 KB

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    Grupo Multimedios: Delivering Top-Quality News and Entertainment for Viewers Across Mexico and Southwestern United States Case Study

    Grupo Multimedios, Mexio

    CHALLENGES: To be at the forefront of technology with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and a virtualized environment for news production.

    SOLUTION: A combination of integrated Grass Valley production and content management solutions, that includes CISCO and Isilon COTS hardware.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0693B-EN-CS) File Size: 945.4 KB

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    Columbus Clippers Baseball Case Study

    Columbus Clippers Baseball, US

    CHALLENGE: To produce baseball telecasts to support five different program platforms

    SOLUTION: LDX Flex cameras, GV Director nonlinear live production center, K2 Dyno Replay System with ChannelFlex, NVISION 8500 router, Kaleido-MX multiviewers

    BENEFIT: Minimal training time, with the ability to produce a major league telecast while still in the minor league.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0562B-EN-CS) File Size: 1.9 MB

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    NorthStar Studios Upgrades Infrastructure for 3G Case Study

    NorthStar Studios, a full-service HD production provider based in Nashville, Tennessee, sought to upgrade its infrastructure for 3Gbps production. Based on a 16-acre campus, NorthStar Studios offers a wide mix of production, post-production and multi-platform broadcast delivery services for major networks and cable channels.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0299B-EN-CS) File Size: 914.5 KB

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    Telegenic, UK: Grass Valley support for Sky Sports coverage of the Ryder Cup Case Study

    The 39th Ryder Cup Matches would also be captured in 3D. To make sure that the 3D broadcast had the same level of production quality as the 2D broadcast, producers used a Grass Valley K2 Dyno® Replay System with a K2 Summit media server to instantly QA the 3D footage.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0099B-EN-CS) File Size: 685.9 KB

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    Fox Sports Latin America: With Grass Valley, Fox Sports Latin America is investing in the future in content creation through playout. Case Study

    Fox Sports Latin America's headquarters is located in Mexico and is considered the most advanced facility in Latin America. Fox Sports chose Grass Valley® products because they deliver extra value from content creation, acquisition, and production through playout.

    Equipment installation was divided in two stages. First to be installed was the Aurora™ news production suite, K2 Summit® media servers, Concerto™ routing, Encore™ facility control software, the Maestro™ multi-channel master control and channel branding system, and hundreds of GeckoFlex™ signal conversion modules. The second stage of the project saw the installation of two Kayenne® 2.5 M/E Video Production Center switchers and 12 LDK 3000 HD cameras for Fox Sports Latin America's two new production studios.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0098B-EN-CS) File Size: 1.1 MB

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    Dorna Sports: The key to Dorna’s tapeless, file-based live replay system is the Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System Case Study

    MotoGP is a fast-paced, thrilling sport, taking the world's best professional motorcycle riders and machines and racing them on the toughest tracks around the world. It's the responsibility of worldwide TV rights holder Dorna Sports to make sure that for each race, the fans at home and in the bars and pubs around the world are not disappointed.

    With a full-time staff of around 150, plus as many as 200 more production freelancers, Dorna relies exclusively on the Grass Valley® K2 Dyno® Replay System for the instant replays for each race.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0096B-EN-CS) File Size: 1.8 MB

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    Wellen + Nöthen: Capturing the Sights and Sounds of Germany Case Study

    Delivering high-end hardware and software products for Wellen+Nöthen’s wide range of broadcast and media clients as well as instant replay systems for use on live events including concerts and sports
    Several Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay Systems that enable Wellen+Nöthen to deliver high-quality instant replay systems to their growing pool of live production clients.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0091B-EN-CS_and_N_K2_Dyno) File Size: 874.7 KB

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    Russ Jenissh: At the Top of His Game With Grass Valley's K2 Dyno Case Study

    Russ Jenisch, live sports director/producer, US

    Creating engaging replays and highlight packages for high-profile sports teams such as the NFL's Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.

    Two Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay Systems.

    A comprehensive and reliable replay system that dramatically expands the possibilities of live sports productions.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0089B-EN-CS) File Size: 757.0 KB

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    Māori Television Improves Productivity With Grass Valley Case Study

    When it comes to the production technology it uses, Māori Television understands the value of quality. That's why they selected Grass Valley products and systems for their major facility upgrade solution. Grass Valley's reliability, operational longevity, and adaptability just made good financial sense. With careful planning and expert help from Grass Valley system integration engineers, a comprehensive facility upgrade was designed.

    The first phase successfully replaced Māori Television's aging central routing switcher with a new Grass Valley Trinix® NXT without affecting on-air or in-house operational performance. The new technology implementation employed includes a GV STRATUS™ media workflow application framework, a series of K2 Summit® production clients, and multiple seats of EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear editors—all connected to a K2 SAN. Māori Television also uses its two K2 Dyno Replay Systems integrated into the advanced news and general production environment.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0052B-EN-CS) File Size: 975.0 KB

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    Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation Case Study

    Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Japan

    CHALLENGE: To upgrade its current tape-based workflow to a complete nonlinear system

    SOLUTION: GV STRATUS, K2 SAN storage, K2 Summit, EDIUS HDWS 3GS Elite turnkey editing system, GeckoFlex

    BENEFITS: A streamlined, collaborative, and efficient workflow with multiformat nonlinear editing capabilities and a high-performance media server

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0031B-EN) File Size: 1.7 MB

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    CTV Partners with Grass Valley for the World's First 4K UHD Broadcast of a Major Music Festival Case Study

    CTV, UK

    CHALLENGE: Record, transmit and edit three productions at the major music festival in 4K UHD and 5.1 audio simultaneously

    SOLUTION: LiveTouch Replay & Highlights System · Rio Editing Integration · Kahuna Multiformat Switcher

    Posted Mar 04 2019 (GVB-1-0738B-EN-CS) File Size: 1.2 MB

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    Delivering the World's First 4K UHD IP Remote Production Trial Case Study

    Gearhouse Broadcast & UEFA: Australia/Germany/UK/US

    CHALLENGE: UEFA live remote 4K UHD production tests during the 2017 UEFA European U21 Championship Final

    SOLUTION: Kahuna Multiformat Switcher · LiveTouch Replay & Highlights System · Orbit IP Routing Control System · MV820 Multiviewers

    Posted Mar 04 2019 (GVB-1-0737B-EN-CS) File Size: 1.0 MB

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    iTX Case Study: NOS Audiovisuais Looking to Grass Valley for Reliable and Scalable Integrated Playout Solution Case Study

    NOS Audiovisuais, Portugal

    CHANNEL PARTNER: Ibertelco,

    CHALLENGE: Expand playout channel count while ensuring future growth with an easy-to-learn, single vendor system.

    SOLUTION: iTX integrated playout was selected for its reliability and feature set.

    BENEFITS: A turnkey solution that can support future business opportunities as NOS continues its growth.

    Posted Mar 04 2019 (GVB-1-0599B-EN-CS) File Size: 785.4 KB

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