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    K2 Media Server, K2 Summit Client Software v8.1

    This version of K2 System Software requires a permanent license and comes with a 30 day trial license. After 30 days the system will stop functioning and you will need to obtain a permanent license.  It is not possible to roll your system back to any previous 7.x software version.  It is highly advisable to create a backup of your current system before upgrading to 8.1.

    Notice The version 8.1 installation program does not proceed if the system drive is less than 8 GB. Refer to K2 Release Notes or your local Grass Valley sales person for instructions on procuring the appropriate K2 Summit Field Kit to upgrade your K2 Summit/Solo system.

    If you would like to purchase a service contract please contact Grass Valley Service Sales Group:

    • United States: +1 800 547 8949 or +1 530 478 4148
    • For all other regions please refer to the full list of contacts.