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    K2 Media Server, K2 Summit Client & K2 Central TX Software v9.6

    System software version 9.6 is for K2 Summit 3G and K2 Central TX systems.

    Notice The version 9.6 installation program installs only on K2 Summit 3G systems. To install version 9.6 software on earlier generation K2 Summit systems, you must first upgrade them to meet the following configuration requirements. The software installation will not proceed otherwise.
    • System drive is 16GB
    • Appropriate CPU is present
    • Appropriate base image is installed
    Please refer to the K2 Release Notes or call your local Grass Valley sales person for instructions on procuring the appropriate K2 Summit Field Kit to upgrade your K2 Summit/Solo system.

    If you would like to purchase a service contract please contact Grass Valley Service Sales Group:
    • United States: +1 800 547 8949 or +1 530 478 4148
    • For all other regions please refer to the full list of contacts.