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LDX 82 Series HD/3G Software Upgradable Camera Platform

HDR-capable Advanced Imaging Camera Platform

The LDX 82 Series of cameras consists of two models offering varying levels of operational flexibility for 1080i, 720p, or 1080p image capture with the ability to add features as production and business needs change. This includes extended color gamut supporting ITU-R BT.2020.

XDR — Extended Dynamic Range — operation (HDR with full 15 F-stops or >800% of regular cameras) is available for all 50/59.94 Hz formats offering a new level of viewer experience.

  • LDX 82 Première can switch between 1080i and 720p, and features the Contour Equalizer which allows for tweaking the crispness in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights independently. With...



LDX 82 Première
can be upgraded to LDX 82 Elite*

LDX 82 Elite
can be upgraded to LDX 82 WorldCam
LDX 82 WorldCam (available as a software upgrade license only)
Imager Next-generation Xensium-FT
Sensitivity @ 2000 lux F12 typical (all 50 Hz modes) / F11 typical (all 59.94 Hz modes)
S/N ratio 62 dB (typical)
Increased sensitivity
Improved digital noise reduction
TrueTexture: texture is preserved throughout all processing parameters
Switchable video formats: 1080i50/59.94 and 720p50/59.94    
Switchable video formats: 1080PsF23.98/24/25/29.97 (artistic), 1080i50/59.94, 720p50/59.94    
Switchable video formats: 1080p50/59.94 (3G), 1080PsF23.98/24/25/29.97 (artistic), 1080i50/59.94, 720p50/59.94    
Effortless 1080p50/59.94 acquisition with no increased lighting requirement    
Support of BT.2020 wide color gamut
Native HDR support using SMPTE ST 2084, HLG and S-Log3 Optional Optional Optional
Suitability for 3D productions  
ArtTouch: smart coupling of video control functions
Perfect picture matching across the complete LDX Series as well as the LDK installed base
Ergonomically designed camera head with easy access to control buttons, including the new PickMe button
CLASS: basic electronic lens error correction    
CLASS: advanced electronic lens error correction  
Standard secondary color corrector
Advanced secondary color corrector (up to six sets for color hue, saturation, and luminance adjustment)  
Fully compatible with 3G fiber/triax transmission systems
Fully compatible with XF fiber transmission systems
Compatible with C2IP control systems and RefleX SuperXpander
Second motorized optical filter wheel with 4P-star and soft focus  
Dynamic aperture correction
Dynamic contour equalizer  
Power curve gamma control  
Depth of field indicator  
Side grip  

* Licenses may be purchased to upgrade more than one level (e.g., LDX 82 Première to LDX 82 WorldCam), on a perpetual or 7-day term basis.
The B.O.W.L. (bunch of weekly licenses) licensing option allows users to preorder any number of 7-day licenses and activate them as needed.
The license for HDR providing true 15 F-stop operation in all formats for all LDX 82 Series camera heads is available only as a perpetual license.


LDX 82 Première

(Common to all LDX 82 Series Cameras unless otherwise stated)


  • Temperature range: -20° to +45°C (-4° to 113°F) (operating)
  • Weight:
    • 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs.) (including handgrip and shoulder pad)
  • Dimensions: width: 170 mm, depth: 200 mm, height: 180 mm (6.7 x 7.9 x 7.1 in.)
  • Power: Supplied through the transmission adapter
  • Pick-up device: 3x2/3" Xensium-FT CMOS
  • Picture elements: 1920x1080
  • Smear: no vertical smear
  • Shutter: no mechanical shutter
  • Optical system: F1.4 prism
  • Lens mount: 2/3" Bayonet type
  • Optical filter wheels: 2x motorized wheels
  • Optical filters on first wheel: clear, 1/4 ND, 1/16 ND, 1/64 ND
  • Optical filters on second wheel: clear, 4P-star, soft focus
  • Electronic color correction: 3200°K, 5600°K, 7500°K, FL, 2 AWB presets, Var, continuous auto white
  • Exposure: electronic exposure down to 1/1000 sec
Video modes
  • Switchable: 1080i50/59.94 & 720p50/59.94
  • Sensitivity at 2000 lux:
    • F12.0 (1080i50, 720p50, and 1080p50)
    • F11.0 (1080i59.94, 720p59.94, and 1080p59.94)
    • F18.0 (1080PsF23.98/24/25)
    • F16.0 (1080PsF29.97)
  • S/N ratio: 62 dB typical
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Modulation depth: 60% (typical) at 800 TV lines (27 MHz) in 1080i50/59.94 & 720p50/59.94 modes
  • Gain selection: -6 dB to +18 dB in 3 dB steps (user-definable presets) or continuous master gain


  • Front microphone input: XLR-3 female, balanced, phantom +48V selectable
  • USB
  • Ethernet RJ-45
  • Lens connector: Hirose 12-pin
  • Viewfinder connector: 20-pin and HDMI
Control buttons
  • PickMe
  • Info
  • Menu control
  • Intercom production/engineering
  • Return A / Return B
  • Filter wheel selection
  • Standard file recall
  • 4 user assignable
Control switches
  • On/off
  • Color bar
  • Gain selection
  • Color temperature
  • Exposure time
  • White balance
  • 2" LCD viewfinder
  • 7" LCD viewfinder
  • 7.4" OLED viewfinder

Note: LDX 82 Première can be upgraded to LDX 82 Elite. Upgrades of more than one level may be achieved with multiple licenses.

LDX 82 Elite

Video Modes

Switchable: 1080PsF23.98/24/25/29.97, 1080i50/59.94 & 720p50/59.94

Note: LDX 82 Elite can be upgraded to LDX 82 WorldCam. Available as a software upgrade license only.

LDX 82 WorldCam

Video Modes

Switchable: 1080p50/59.94, 1080PsF23.98/24/25/29.97, 1080i50/59.94 & 720p50/59.94

Note: LDX 82 WorldCam available as a software upgrade license only from any other LDX 82 Series camera, with single or multiple licenses.


GV-eLicense Program

Perpetual license: Perpetual upgrade to the next camera in the range

7-day term license: 7-day (weekly) term upgrade to the next camera in the range

HDR weekly or perpetual license: 7-day or perpetual licenses for the addition of true 15 F-stop HDR operation in all single speed formats for all LDX 82 Series camera heads is available.

Multiple licenses may be purchased to upgrade cameras. Multiple 7-day term licenses may be purchased for extended 7-day term upgrades. The B.O.W.L. licensing system provides a way to preorder any number of 7-day licenses and activate them whenever needed without having to place individual orders. No credit is given for the purchase of 7-day term licenses towards the purchase of a perpetual license.


Camera Heads

LDX 82 Elite
LDX 82 camera head, supporting switchable 1080i, 720p and PsF formats

LDX 82 Première
LDX 82 camera head, supporting switchable 1080i and 720p formats


LDX 3G Triax Adapter
LDX camera head adapter for triax transmission

LDX 3G Fiber Adapter
LDX camera head adapter for fiber transmission

Transmission Systems

XCU WorldCam Triax
XCU 3G dockable base station—triax only 

XCU WorldCam Fiber
XCU 3G dockable base station—fiber only 

XCU Cradle
Additional XCU cradle for all XCU base stations

Camera Control

CGP 500
Creative Grading Control Panel

Camera Control Server

Creative Grading App

OCP 400
C2IP camera control system control panel with joystick


RefleX SuperXpander
Adapter for studio camera use

EyeCatcher EC 200
2-inch LCD color ocular viewfinder

VF 700-H
7-inch IPS LCD color viewfinder

VFR 600-H
7-inch economic LCD color viewfinder

EyeCatcher 744/15
7.4-inch OLED HD color viewfinder



LDX Series: 2020 Cameras, Transmission and Accessories Catalog/Datasheet

LDX 82 Series (HD/3G with optional HDR)

A unique line of advanced imaging cameras built around Xensium-FT CMOS imagers. These cameras have the highest sensitivity and image performance across different video formats, while offering a new level of business flexibility by using one hardware platform with a flexible GV-eLicense software upgrade implementation.

With the addition of BT.2020 wide color gamut support and optional HDR support, these cameras provide an outstanding solution for all HD/3G applications.



LDX Series Cameras Upgrade Paths


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