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Set up in minutes and adapt on-the-fly

With the LDX 100 series, Grass Valley has developed a revolutionary camera platform that provides cost savings every time the camera is used. Designed to quickly move from venue to venue, the camera head plugs directly into the network. Creative Grading control allows shading profiles to be quickly copied to multiple cameras, so setup takes minutes rather than hours.

Because production formats change from one event to the next, à la carte option licensing on a temporary or permanent basis allows LDX 100 series camera to operate in whatever format is required: HD, UHD, HDR, and High-speed. Using the LDX Scanner app, you can use your phone’s NFC capability allows you to verify and change options in the field or at the shop without ever powering up the camera.

Exceptional performance in centralized and remote production

Unique to these cameras is NativeIP – SMPTE 2110 streams output directly from the camera without extra equipment. No XCU or cradle is required, eliminating the 2 RU of rack space and weight per camera that is required for other systems. The LDX 100 Series is also backward compatible with our XCU basestation for SDI connectivity if required, so it is possible to transition to IP at your own pace.

Support of AMWA-NMOS protocols means the camera is instantly discovered and connected to a network control system. When production formats change or there are restricted local infrastructure requirements, an exchange in the field to a different bandwidth SFP or QSFP connector takes just seconds. On-board JPEG XS encoders can further reduce network requirements.

Connecting the LDX 100 series to your WAN makes their outputs available to anyone on the network with audio, video, and control as well as superior PTP timing. Multiple teams can begin to work on their content from any network connection without delay.

Best image capture technology

The LDX 100 Series is packed with the features and performance you would expect from a top-of-the-line camera. Custom-built imagers capture all the detail of fast action under the most demanding lighting conditions – even when delivering images in 4k UHD HDR. The 2/3” large imagers require less light to gather image information and therefore work well in both natural light and night-time lighting that has a wide range of highlights and shadows with the highest levels of sensitivity for detailed image capture.

Each camera uses three imagers — for red, for green, and for blue — to capture the full range of color, even the extreme colors that are frequently used in staged events and sports team colors. The images are captured at actual resolution for UHD so no pixel interpolation is required. All the fine image detail is captured and retained. Preserving the image even further, a custom pixel structure precisely directs the light onto the photodiode and reduces scattering loss so that details do not lose their brilliance by blending into adjacent pixels.

By providing the highest depth of field, the LDX 100 series makes it simple to keep images in sharp focus even when the action is in fast motion across a large area. Pairing the images with a global shutter ensures there are no artifacts in fast action sequences, even when played back in slow motion.

There has never been a camera so well suited to live events. Discover for yourself why LDX 100 series cameras are trusted by the world’s top media producers.


Trusted by world’s top media producers
Comparing the LDX 135 and LDX 150
  LDX 135 LDX 150
Shutter Global Global
Imager 3X Xenios capturing 100% Red. 100% Green, 100% Blue 3X Xenios capturing 100% Red. 100% Green, 100% Blue
Sensitivity @2000 lux F11 F11
Total pixel count 24,883,200 24,883,200
Native UHD operation Standard Perpetual or daily option
High speed N/A 3X HD/UHD with perpetual or daily option
Connectivity SDI or NativeIP with no external conversion
Option activates built-in JPEG XS compression
SDI or NativeIP with no external conversion
Option activates built-in JPEG XS compression

Key Features

  • New camera platform designed for extension into the future
  • Simple, scalable multiformat image capture and distribution
  • All-in-one camera with no separate base station required thanks to NativeIP
  • Up to five JPEG XS encoders may be enabled, reducing bandwidth requirements by 20 times
  • Backward compatible for SDI connectivity using XCU base station
  • Fastest time to deploy and configure
  • Extensive operator training not required
  • At-a-glance settings and diagnostics for immediate status recognition
  • Field-tested rugged and reliable
  • Suite of inventory management features
  • Quickly align camera configuration to production requirements for superior cost management
  • Field-replaceable SFP/QSFP
  • Save time by managing camera information and licenses from the LDX
  • Scanner app without powering up the camera

Explore the different models below to determine which best suits your production needs.

LDX 150

Global Shutter with Xenios Imager

LDX 135

Global Shutter with Xenios Imager