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GV AMPP - CONNECTED SOLUTIONS Cloud-based live video production with a familiar professional workflow

AMPP ConnectedWhat is an AMPP-connected Solution?

Part of the GV Media Universe, AMPP-connected solutions combine all the benefits of GV AMPP with control surfaces and workflows from Grass Valley and authorized partners that are already well known to production professionals. Creatives quickly transition to cloud-based production with no learning curve required to transfer their experience.

Benefits of AMPP

AMPP is Grass Valley’s scalable SaaS platform of agile management tools, elastic platform services, and intelligent media technologies that are universally deployable. Designed specifically to meet the response and accuracy requirements of live streaming media and entertainment, AMPP provides a new level of freedom for cloud-based live video production.

Freedom to scale

Unlike traditional hardware systems, AMPP does not require a large upfront infrastructure buildout to begin experimenting with new agile media production models. Spin up as many operator instances as required where and when they are needed.

AMPP may be located on any combination of public and private cloud services. As a result, AMPP can quickly spin up solutions that integrate with an existing infrastructure. Any subset of network sources can be shared with the AMPP fabric for use by AMPP-enabled cloud production solutions. Each instance of an AMPP-enabled solution can select sources on-the-fly from any that are available on the AMPP fabric.

Freedom to move

Live event environments with reduced on-site production crews frequently want creatives to work remotely. AMPP solutions support remote production at any distance without compromising the user experience.

When at-home production means literally working from home, AMPP is ready to support that work environment. Operators can connect to AMPP using typical residential Internet. The high-quality proxy workflow allows operators to make and act on decisions without requiring a high bandwidth connection.

Freedom to innovate

Unfettered by bundles of cables, operators continue to work in a familiar environment with Grass Valley’s innovate software tools. AMPP’s patented intelligent technologies to allow operators to work in a coherent timespace with confidence and speed. Regardless of the distance from the live event, system operations are instantly responsive. The system’s fully aligned monitoring and communication capability makes it easy for operators to work without distracting timing delays.


SecurityAs a cloud native, AMPP is designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Conforming to the best IT practices of a representational state transfer (REST) architecture:

  • All REST operations are executed over HTTPS for secure communication
  • All REST operations rely on JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authorization
  • Authentication is handled through an Identity Service which can optionally delegate authentication to an Okta server
  • SRT streaming is secure and encrypted
  • Native AMPP streaming is encrypted using DTLS-SRTP

To ensure strict security standards are maintained, Grass Valley also regularly conducts third-party penetration testing.

Key Features

  • Scalable to as many instances as required without upfront buildout
  • Flexible, elastic I/O with access to any source on the AMPP fabric
  • Cloud hosted replay without sacrifice on responsiveness and accuracy
  • Operator experience remains the same regardless of distance from the processing
  • Frame-accurate for live production
  • Fully compatible with connected control surfaces and applications
  • Intuitive software solutions


GV K-Frame on AMPP