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iControl Loudness Monitoring

Aggregation and Analysis of Loudness Data Over Network

iControl Loudness Monitoring stores loudness data collected across various signal distribution networks. It enables broadcasters and pay-TV operators to guarantee end-user Quality of Experience while remaining compliant with loudness legislation around the world, including the CALM Act (U.S.). Leveraging segment information provided by iTX or any third-party automation system, loudness data can be plotted in a meaningful way, enabling rapid troubleshooting and identification of problematic sequences. The application generates complete reports for compliance purposes.


  • Storage of loudness data on NAS for compliance proofing
  • Efficient NAS storage consumption (20 Mb per day per audio program)*
  • Ability to collect loudness data from remote location over TCP/IP network
  • Compliance with ATSC A/85 1770-1, ATSC A/85 1770-2, EBU R128 and ARIB TR-B32 standards
  • Ability to collect loudness data throughout the infrastructure, including before and after automatic loudness correction (ALC)
  • Powerful loudness analyzer tool enables operators to respond to inquiries and proof compliance
  • History graph to visualize short term and integrated values
  • Generation of loudness reports
  • Integration with iTX playout system to communicate segment information to determine the segment where the out of range loudness occurred

*An audio program can be mono, stereo or 5.1


IC-LOUDNESS-LOG-1 Loudness logging option for one device*
IC-LOUDNESS-LOG-1-SOLO Loudness logging option for one device to be installed on iControl Solo
IC-BASE-EDITION-V2 iControl Base edition with application server
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*Requires Grass Valley products with loudness data generation capabilities (see above). PC-based version of the loudness logging service. NAS not included and needs to be purchased separately.



iControl Loudness Monitoring


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