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iControl Penalty Box

Monitoring by Exception Using Multiviewer

The iControl Penalty Box is a software component that can be deployed directly on top of iControl products or as part of an iControl playout solution. The powerful iControl monitoring solution is enhanced with the addition of a penalty box, which quickly brings operator focus to channels that need extra attention for rapid resolution.


  • Ability to queue multiple services that have errors
  • Display Penalty Box onto any location on monitor wall
  • Supports manual control of what is displayed in the Penalty Box interface directly from the monitor wall
  • Display and control Penalty Box from laptop or desktop PC via iControl Web
  • Ability to use IP or baseband Kaleido multiviewer as probing device
  • Supports use of any iControl device as a probe*
  • Generation and logging of Penalty Box alarms
  • Works with Grass Valley Kaleido multiviewers

* As long as device publishes alarms into iControl GSM Benefits

  • Quicker response time to errors
  • Optimizes productivity of operators
  • Monitoring by exception “enabler”
  • Monitoring by exception is to dynamically put forward those signals that need an operator’s attention
  • Makes it easy to distinguish valid signals from invalid ones
  • Too many monitors will only make it difficult to distinguish valid signals from invalid ones
  • Penalty Box allows Monitor wall design in which operator can reserve space for premium services, while ensuring that secondary services get the attention they deserve when an error is detected


IC-WEB If user wants to display and operate Penalty Box from a desktop PC
IC-SNMP-xxx If user wants to use a generic device as a probe (in addition to multiviewer)
IC-PLAYOUT IC-PENALTYBOX can be integrated into IC-PLAYOUT monitoring system with custom professional services
IC-HEADEND-001 IC-PENALTYBOX can be integrated into IC-HEADEND-001 monitoring system with custom professional services


IC-PENALTY-BOX Single Penalty Box software license enabling control of one multiviewer to monitor multiple services
IC-BASE-EDITION-V3 Control base edition server (or virtual image) onto which IC-PENALTY-BOX needs to be deployed
Kaleido-IP IP or baseband multiviewer product lines



iControl Penalty Box


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