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Word Clock Distribution Amplifier

The WDA-1001 is a Word Clock distribution amplifier that provides eight outputs and supports a wide range of clock frequencies and amplitudes. It can fan out AC coupled as well as TTL/CMOS types of signals because the amplifier maintains an end-to-end DC transparency. A passive loop-through input is provided to ease distribution of more than eight Word Clock signals by daisy chaining other WDA-1001 cards. Alarms can be enabled to monitor input signal presence and/or overload conditions with user programmable thresholds.


  • Fans out up to 8 Word Clock signals
  • DC Coupled all the way through
  • Wide range of amplitudes and frequencies
  • Works with both AC-coupled and TTL/CMOS type of signals
  • SDIF-2 Word Clock compliant
  • Built-in basic input signal probing with programmable thresholds
  • Adjustable output levels


  • Signal: Word Clock, TTL/CMOS, AC-Coupled or SDIF-2
  • Connectors (2): BNC
  • Maximum input level: ±8 Vp
  • Impedance: >6 kΩ
Outputs (8)
  • Signal: Word Clock, DC coupled with input
  • Connectors: BNC
  • Impedance: 75Ω
  • Output load: ≥75Ω
Maximum Output Levels
  • TTL input signal:
    • +7 Vp with 1 kΩ load
    • +3.5 Vp with 75Ω load
  • AC-coupled
  • Input signal:
    • 13 Vpp with 1 kΩ load
    • 6 Vpp with 75Ω load
  • DC Coupled, non-reclocking and non-reshaping distribution amplifier
  • Bandwidth: 32 to 96 kHz
  • Gain with:
    • >1 kΩ load: -3 to +12 dB
    • 75Ω load: -9 to +3 dB
  • Propagation delay: <50 ns


  • Power: 8W


Densité 2 frame Densité 3 frame Description
WDA-1001 WDA-1001-3RU Word Clock distribution amplifier
WDA-1001-DRP WDA-1001-DRP-3RU Double rear connector panel
Remote control iControl, iControl Solo, RCP-200




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