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  • Third Party Plug-ins for EDIUS Software

    Even an NLE as comprehensive as EDIUS can't do everything. Luckily, third-party software developers are ready to give EDIUS additional functionality. They can create software plug-ins for additional video filters and effects, or for titling, compositing and keying, or for audio sweetening and restoration.

    To take full advantage of EDIUS' speed and GUI to provide a more comfortable working environment, software vendors can port their plug-ins to work natively with the application using our API (Application Programming Interface). For audio plug-ins, EDIUS provides a VST bridge.

    New for EDIUS 8 is the introduction of the NewBlue OFX Bridge. OpenFX is an open standard for visual effects plug-ins, and the OFX Bridge is a software gasket that enables plug-ins that adhere to this standard to work with EDIUS.

    Check below to learn more about the additional creative options at your disposal from third-party plug-in vendors. Please note that all plug-ins listed work with both EDIUS Pro and Workgroup versions.

    Native (API) Plug-ins (VIDEO)

    HitFilm Ignite contains over 120 stunning plugins for EDIUS, turning it into a powerful visual effects toolkit.

    From its impressive chromakey plugin to the ultimate lens flare collection - HitFilm Ignite helps you create powerful animations with particles, grading, color correction and much more.

    Examples of the 120+ HitFilm Ignite plugins for EDIUS include:
    • Grunge effects - includes film damage, grain, flicker, lens dirt & noise among others
    • Color correction - includes pro skin retouch, color temperature, crush blacks & whites among others
    • Particles & simulation - includes fire, gunfire & lightning among others
    • Distort - includes bulge, displacement, insect vision, magnify & mosaic among others


    For more information, go to HitFilm’s website.


    The first third-party vendor to provide 64-bit support for EDIUS, proDAD creates software for effects, transitions, filters, titling and image stabilization/correction.

    Compatible proDAD plug-ins:
    • Adorage – video filter & transitions (v3.0.108.1)
    • Vitascene V2 – video filter & transitions (v2.0.236)
    • Mercalli Pro v4 – video stabilizer and rolling-shutter correction (v4.0.466.1)

    For more information, go to the proDAD website.
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    Neat Video

    Neat Video is a video noise reduction plug-in for EDIUS. The plug-in efficiently reduces random noise, film grain, analog interference and compression artifacts. The current version is v4.0.0. Neat Video is optimized for multicore CPUs and GPUs, and can speed up rendering on fast NVIDIA and AMD/ATI GPUs.

    For more information, go to the Neat Video website. Neat Video
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    ROBUSKEY uses a chromakey algorithm developed by ISP that is specifically matched to people's hair characteristics and skin tone.

    With ROBUSKEY you can create matte images that are perfect for natural‐looking image synthesis, saving time and trouble.

    The current version is v1.2.

    For more information, go to the ISP website. ISP ROBUSKEY
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    Delivering innovative, production-proven effects, transitions and titling software since 2006, NewBlueFX provides video editing solutions to filmmakers and broadcast professionals worldwide.

    NewBlueFX's best-selling product, Titler Pro 4 is built around an efficient, intuitive interface that includes over 100 built in styles, animations and templates, enabling you to create captivating titles in seconds. Get the results you need with drag and drop animations, PSD importing, multi-title management and much more. See why Titler Pro 4 is the perfect titling solution for any editor.

    Compatible NewBlue plug-ins:
    • Video Effects
      • Essentials: Workflow-enhancing video effects (v3 build 160219)
      • Elements: Video effects (v3 build 160219)
      • Filters 3 Ultimate: Color correction and filtering effects (v3 build 160219)
      • Stylizers: Video effects (v3 build 160219)
      • TotalFX: Video effects (v3 build 160219)
    • Transitions
      • Transitions: Cutting-edge video transitions of light, color and motion (v3 build 160219)
    • Titling
      • NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4: Dynamic video titling (v4 build 160219)


    For more information, go to the NewBlueFX website.

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    VideoStar is the creator of VisTitle, an advanced titling application that features cubic Bezier curve editing, floating point-based transformation, true 3D space and keyframeable GPU effects, powerful object plug-ins, free design shade styles and many motion styles. ALL in real-time!

    VisTitle uses an embedded preset library (including many broadcast title templates) which, when used with VisTitle's layout mini editor, means you can create very high quality titles very quickly.

    The current version is v2.6.0.1.

    For more information, go to the Videostar website.

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    OpenFX Plug-ins (VIDEO)

    The OFX Bridge is now available support certain OpenFX plugins in EDIUS 8.1. Please note that there is no technical support for this beta. Any issues should be reported on the EDIUS user forums.

    • Red Giant: Magic Bullet Looks (3.1.4)
    • Digital Anarchy: Beauty Box (4.0.8)
    • Genarts: Sapphire (9.02)
    • FilmConvert: FilmConvert Pro (2.12)

    The OFX Bridge has a separate installer. Registered EDIUS 8.x users can download the OFX Bridge by going to the EDIUS ID registration page, and clicking on the link shown to find instructions on how to install the Bridge, as well as the download link itself.

    Note: 10-bit is supported in the OFX Bridge

    VST Plug-ins (AUDIO)

    iZotope is world-renowned for developing professional audio software for audio mixing, mastering, repair, vocal production, and sound design. Their products are used to deliver top quality sound for music, film, TV, radio, broadcast, and much more. One highlight is iZotope's Emmy Award-winning audio repair software, RX: a suite of plug-ins that reduce noise, reverb, distortion and more from flawed recordings, and that help eliminate the need for ADR by cleaning up damaged dialogue.

    Compatible iZotope plug-ins:
    • RX5 / RX5 Advanced: Complete audio repair (v5.01)
    • RX Final Mix: Post production Dynamic EQ / True Peak Loudness Limiter (v1.02)
    • Nectar Elements: Voice track correction (v1.00)
    • Nectar 2: Voice track correction (v2.03)
    • Insight: Audio metering (v1.04)

    For more information, go to the iZotope website.

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    Acon Digital

    Acon Digital is the digital media editing product line from the company Acon AS, a company specialized in audio editing software and digital signal processing products and services. Acon Digital Restoration Suite consists of four audio restoration and noise reduction plug-ins: DeNoise, DeHum, DeClick and DeClip.

    Compatible Acon Digital plug-ins:
    • Restoration Suite: Audio restoration and repair (v1.6.0)
    • Verberate: Algorithmic reverb (v1.6.2)
    • DeVerberate: Reverb reduction (v1.6.0)

    For more information, go to the Acon Digital website.

    Acon Digital

    Wave Arts

    Wave Arts' Master Restoration Suite (v5.8.4) is a comprehensive set of restoration plug-ins for cleaning up tape, vinyl, and acoustic recordings. The tools give extremely high quality results with minimal adjustment, and include broadband noise reduction, click and crackle filter, precise hum and buzz removal, background attenuation and the ultimate all-in-one clean-up tool.

    For more information, go to the Wave Arts website.

    Wave Arts


    Voxengo created the Elephant mastering limiter plug-in to include a variety of modes that can be deeply customized with a comprehensive set of level metering tools, including headroom estimation and K-system metering. Voxformer is a multi-functional software tool for all vocal processing needs, including vocal/instrumental track compressor, track equalizer, presence booster, track saturator and channel strip.

    Compatible Voxengo plug-ins:
    • Elephant: Loudness maximizer (v4.4)
    • Voxformer: Voice track correction (v2.10)

    For more information, go to the Voxengo website.