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DYNAMIC IP Dynamic Device Management

Dynamic Device ManagementAny production facility includes devices dedicated to specific functions with control surfaces uniquely crafted to suite operations. Their inclusion in an IP network yields enhanced benefits such as easy resource sharing, distributed working and reduced cabling.

GV Orbit implements dynamic management of all devices, ensuring functions such as IP switch connectivity, flow routing and general device monitoring are integrated under a single umbrella.

Grass Valley’s wide IP multiviewer portfolio encompasses multiple types. These include software applications running on COTS or generic modular platforms, plus dedicated “boxed” hardware types.

GV Orbit’s dynamic device management capabilities are eloquently demonstrated when using its multiviewer configuration tool. This includes full tile construction, mosaic layout with video, plus audio monitoring and customized alarming. Moreover, the integrated MV Cluster Manager enables simultaneous linked orchestration across multiple units for “cutand-paste” of repeated configurations.