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DYNAMIC IP Dynamic Infrastructure Management

Dynamic Infrastructure ManagementOther than dedicated hardware device types, such as cameras and switchers, Grass Valley glass-to-glass networks are implemented using COTS hardware combined with universal modular applications platforms for deploying a wide range of software application processes.

Grass Valley’s dynamic IP solutions ensure virtually limitless scalability.
Main infrastructure types:
  • COTS hardware servers for Grass Valley turnkey devices or Grass Valley packaged software applications — leveraging the commonality of supply and services of IT industry components
  • Grass Valley modular application platforms for high-density multichannel video, audio and data solutions — optimizing available space and reducing power requirements That includes alternative housing options to suite system size — ideal for small, distributed and enterprise installations
  • COTS IP switches, including Grass Valley’s own GV Fabric range, deliver the versatility and freedom to work with a preferred switch vendor

GV Orbit’s unique Dynamic Infrastructure Management adds a whole new level of efficiency. IP switch deployment, for example, is dramatically simplified by removing manual switch configurations and automating the set-up process,  including IP addressing and port configuration, when adding or repurposing network devices. Another innovative capability is the independent selection of “fast” or “seamless” (“break-before-make” or “make-before-break”) switching at each
endpoint, all orchestrated on-the-fly. GV Orbit’s unique dynamic behavior speeds up and solves workflow conflicts, saving valuable time and money.

Dynamic Infrastructure Management yields:
  • Significant reduction in initial configuration timescales
  • Rapid repurposing for alternative production scenarios
  • Elimination of potential network errors and conflicts
  • Robust and resilient working