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DYNAMIC IP Dynamic System Orchestration

  • Dynamic ‘On-the-Fly’ Orchestration
  • ‘SDI-Like’ Connectivity
  • Automatic Pathfinding

GV OrbitGV Orbit is a single consolidated, overarching control, configuration and monitoring software package specifically structured for the Dynamic Orchestration of IP broadcast media networks, although it’s equally suitable for SDI or hybrid IP<>SDI operations. Designed for IP from the ground up, its architecture is based on true internet publish-and-subscribe methodologies.


GV Orbit key capabilities include:
  • Single, unified package for Control, Configuration and Monitoring
    …meaning no more switching between dedicated applications
    …consolidation of data repositories means all changes are instantly recognized and immediately effective network-wide
    …all operational surfaces have a common ‘look and feel’

  • Dynamic Orchestration – WYSIWYG …’What You See Is What You Get’
    …that’s ‘on-the-fly’ configuration in real-time, ideal for fast re-purposing of resources in rapidly revolving production scenarios. There’s no downtime pushing new configurations to system controller(s)

  • Network Topology View – Full system device and connectivity at a glance
    …drill-down to check, monitor or re-purpose IP stream flows

  • Extensive Configuration Toolset with enhanced automated setup for COTS IP switches with ‘zero-touch’ provisioning when adding devices
    …that gets you close to SDI-Like connectivity …if not better than SDI!

  • Unique Automatic Pathfinding capability for dynamic insertion of processing elements as they are needed
    …GV’s Audio Live processor, for instance, can compile new ST 2110-30 audio flow profiles ‘on-the-fly’ resolving incompatible connectivity issues between devices

  • SDN – Software Defined Networking
    …for both monolithic or spine-and-leaf IP switch arrangements

  • Comprehensive Monitoring – Powerful, feature-rich toolset.
    Includes GV Multiviewer configuration, customizable screens and/or pre-defined sets. Create custom alarms, graphical indicators and display streamed thumbnails
    …making GV Orbit perfect for ‘Monitoring by Exception’ meaning a status window or notification will only appear after receipt of a warning or alarm

  • An extensive range of control panels including LED/LCD switch button types and a 19” rack-mountable capacitive touch panel
    ...choose the control surfaces that best suit your operational requirements

GV Orbit - Product Page

Dynamic System Orchestrator for SDI, Hybrid and IP Networks


GV Orbit is a single, consolidated, overarching configuration, control and monitoring package specifically designed for the dynamic orchestration of broadcast media networks, whether they be SDI, hybrid or pure IP. Its underlying architecture, however, is targeted at open standards-based IP systems with many features and functions specifically crafted to make IP easy.