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    It is the age of internet TV delivery — people consume television on internet-connected devices and enjoy a rich mixture of interesting and varied content. Although existing linear-style playout systems can be used to provide alternative content streams for internet/OTT delivery, such functions are seen as “bolt on” extensions to these types of systems.

    What is needed is a playout system that can reside where the distribution system is. This could be in the cloud where the distribution system is for OTT delivery, or on premise where there are other distribution systems (e.g., SDI signal distribution), or, if required, a mixture of both. You can indeed “lift and shift” linear playout systems into the public cloud, but economically this doesn’t lend itself to continuous operation due to the sometimes heavy resource requirements. Plus, a “lift and shift” approach does not provide the same level of business agility as a true, cloud-first, elastic deployment. Something different is therefore required — this is GV AMPP Playout.