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    Grass Valley is excited to launch GV Gaming and Polling suites to deliver gaming and polling solutions to our users, with solutions focused at different market segments from local, through regional and national/enterprise scale. These new solutions deliver real-time gaming and polling solutions on TV, second screen, social and mobile platforms.

    Broadcast has always been a one-way communication to the viewer. With GV Gaming and Polling, users can interactively engage with their viewers to create a real-time dialogue within their live programming. Viewers become part of the program, not passive watchers.

    GV Gaming & Polling is a cloud-based live gaming and polling platform. This innovative participation television technology allows newscasters and audiences to interact in real time via live polling and feedback. Interactive television polling makes it possible for viewers to express their opinions and affect the program being watched through real-time voting shown on screen.

    Here are some of the latest, groundbreaking features that enable creative talent to produce live and engaging content in GV Gaming & Polling:
    • Real-Time Result Updates
    • Gamification/Second Screen
    • Multiplatfrom Aggregation
    • Live Selection of Winners (Contests)
    • Monetization Abilities
    • API Access
    • No Hardware Required
    • Built-in Within VizRT/Major Graphic OEMs
    • User-generated Content
    • Turnkey Package
    • Analytics
    • Simplicity