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    GV ION AMS Pro NAS storage is a culmination of Grass Valley’s expertise in broadcast and Dell/EMCs years of industry leading storage hardware and software in the IT sector. By partnering with Dell/EMC, we have been able to create a storage solution that meets the demands of today’s modern IT needs — yet powerful, fast and reliable enough to meet the demands of your broadcast production needs.

    GV ION AMS Pro NAS Provides:
    Agility: IT storage solutions that have been bundled and packaged to enable users to standardize storage technology across an entire facility or organization.

    Simplicity: Once racked, a system can be brought online quickly.

    Flexibility: Agile platforms that strike the balance between large capacity and high-performance. The EMC Isilon Hybrid platform offers an unprecedented level of channel density while the X-Series storage strikes the balance between cost and performance.

    With a platform that is flexible and scalable, GV ION AMS Pro storage is an investment that delivers on performance and scalability. A GV ION AMS Pro system that is deployed today can be expanded and supported throughout the life of the product. There are no limitations restrict the node or drive type.

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