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    GV STRATUS was conceived to facilitate agile integration of new capabilities and tools, and to attract a broad array of technology providers, business partners and system integrators.

    With GV STRATUS, Grass Valley can efficiently and regularly add new software components to preserve system investment and help users upgrade to the most advanced content creation tools quickly and easily. However, the inherent extensibility of the GV STRATUS platform is not limited to integrating Grass Valley’s own solutions. The GV STRATUS framework is adaptable to provide a consistent service-oriented model for both internal and third-party software modules, and for rapid integration with best-of-breed technologies.

    When needed, Grass Valley can integrate third-party applications and integrate them into user- and segment-specific solutions, while enabling cost-effective implementation, deployment and support in the field.

    Third-Party Technology Partners
    As media companies transition to new technologies and accommodate best-of-breed technologies from a diverse pool of suppliers, the agility of the GV STRATUS platforms helps them to efficiently evolve their media networks in an economical manner.

    Grass Valley partners with many of the industry’s significant technology providers, to integrate with systems such as traffic, asset management, editing and archive. GV STRATUS currently interfaces with a number of other production systems as well.

    Editing System Integration
    While Grass Valley EDIUS is the best choice for both proxy editing (including voiceovers) and high-resolution editing, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Media Composer and NewsCutter, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC can also be integrated for the same type of high-resolution craft editing. All of these editors can be integrated either by performing file transfers of both content and metadata, or edit-in-place when using the GV STRATUS plug-in.

    Archive HSM Integration
    Archive interfaces make content repurposing easy and practical. The GV STRATUS framework interfaces with SGL Flashnet, Oracle, Masstech and generic FTP storage.

    Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS)
    A series of archive, conform and metadata management enhancements in GV STRATUS addresses the unique production needs of the newsroom. This functionality, when combined with AP ENPS, Ross Inception, Octopus, Avid iNEWS, Annova OpenMedia or other newsroom computer systems, permits users to access all of their GV STRATUS tools within the NRCS — streamlining the entire news production process. These new tools also facilitate the unlimited sharing of clips and content creation tools between collaborative workgroups or individual users.

    Digital Media Platforms
    Grass Valley’s Ignite automated production system is tightly integrated with GV STRATUS to streamline publishing to digital media platforms. Under GV STRATUS control, users can add metadata, segment assets and SCTE markers so that they are automatically prepared for VOD and live streaming content replacement for advertising, embargoed material and regional variations. GV STRATUS currently interfaces with downstream SDI live streaming engines from Verizon.

    GV STRATUS can natively export H.264 files and closed captioning files to web platforms without the need to transcode. However, should different formats be required, GV STRATUS can be integrated with leading third-party transcoders, including Harmonic ProMedia, Elemental AWS Live and Telestream Vantage systems.

    High-Speed File Transfer Solutions
    GV STRATUS provides the ability to export/import material in an automated fashion across global distances, with speeds far exceeding conventional TCP-based technologies. Grass Valley’s collaboration with Aspera, an IBM company, and the integration of their Fast Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP) transport technology into GV STRATUS workflows, makes it possible to carry out collaborative media production on a truly global basis.

    Solution Partners and Integrators
    By offering software APIs, the GV STRATUS framework attracts a rich ecosystem of integration partners and third-party application and solution developers.A powerful web service API (RESTful web API) is available for third-parties to implement specific integration requirements or to develop innovative production tools. To implement these types of projects, Grass Valley executes licensing and support agreements with selected technology and business partners and with system integrators.