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Social Media Management

GV STRATUS is a full set of production tools in one application. These tools are designed for simplicity, efficiency and speed because exceptional, highly creative content starts with an efficient, flexible workflow. GV STRATUS lets you better manage entertainment, on-air operations and news production media workflows to stay competitive. The task-driven tools in GV STRATUS operate in a variety of environments, and these can be specifically tailored for each user's job function. With GV STRATUS, you'll increase efficiency and enable more effective collaboration throughout the entire production lifecycle.

One of its primary use cases is to provide a comprehensive application layer for production professionals in order to efficiently manage productions in News and Live Production environments. A key advantage of the solution is the ability to support growing file workflows throughout the solution from ingest to playout (and output).

In GV STRATUS version 6.0, Grass Valley will add Social Media publishing directly from the system to social media accounts.


Social Media Management

GV STRATUS version 6.0 introduces the Social Media Management, which allows you to directly publish content and metadata (providing it is supported by the social media platform) to popular social media networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) but also track those assets so you can see their popularity on the social platforms, but also delete and manage the content via GV STRATUS for simple housekeeping.

Video content and (optionally) stills, closed captions and metadata can be immediately published from the system to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Users in News or Live Production will be able to distribute their content to their viewers and subscribers without the need for complex downstream systems. GV STRATUS will control the creation, transcoding and publishing of the media, exporting and uploading the asset metadata in parallel.

The GV STRATUS Social Media Management will also collect statistics and usage info for these assets, allowing users to immediately see how their content is being consumed and rated on individual social platforms.

The GV STRATUS Social Media Management also tracks the assets on the social networks so that, when the time comes for housekeeping of the assets in the GV STRATUS system, you can also delete the media and metadata from each social media platform. This means a much simpler and cleaner workflow for media managers and digital teams when they use GV STRATUS.

Configuring Publish to Facebook

Configuring GV STRATUS to Publish to Facebook

To publish content to Facebook or other social media platforms, you must first configure one or more "Social Media locations" within the GV STRATUS system. Each location is linked to an account, allowing more than one account to be configured for each platform if you have different accounts for each program or production team using GV STRATUS. Please see the following video shows how locations are configured:


Once you have configured your social media accounts and locations, you need to define Rules which will actually perform the Social Media publishing process. Rules are automated business processes that a system administrator can create in the system to accomplish a wide range of tasks, especially more complex processes which need to be standardised and repeated frequently.

Rules are triggered by metadata changes or user actions (creating an asset in a certain Bin, or just manually asking the system to start a rule). Please see the following video for some examples of how these rules can be configured:


As a user, you can easily publish content to Facebook (or other social networks, if configured) simply by meeting a criteria setup in a Social Media Publishing rule. This could be a "check box" that you set against one or more assets, or even based upon the presence of an asset in a media location (Bin) in the system as the result of editing a program or clip. Please see the following video:


Administrators can create Social Media Count rules within the GV STRATUS Rules engine to check how many Likes, Shares and Views assets have on the social networks they are publishing to. These counts are updated regularly and available to users within the GV STRATUS application as metadata within the assets, and presented as charts within a new Social Media Dashboard in the STRATUS Client. Please see the following video:


For more technical information regarding how GV STRATUS integrates with Facebook please see the following application note »

Social Media Statistics

GV STRATUS Social Media Statistics dashboard allows you an at a glance overview of how:

  • popular certain assets are on a specific account
  • popular specific assets are across all accounts
  • many Likes and Shares per account

The Statistics are only visible for users with appropriate rights and not for any user connected on the system. Furthermore certain accounts can be excluded from the data collection.