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    The premium web client experience further simplifies user operation of GV STRATUS with smooth and easy to understand interfaces.

    GV STRATUS provides an application framework in which each user can decide what tools to use and how to arrange them on their screen. The design of GV STRATUS means that common components can easily be re-used within new tools, minimizing the impact of adding new features and workflows to the product, and reducing the training load on your operators. GV STRATUS provides access to these tools through a windows-based client application; there is also an HTML5 web client available with access to a subset of the following tools.

    The brand new HTML5 client, built from the ground up on fast, responsive elements used in leading consumer-based sites, sets a new standard for usability. The GV STRATUS HTML5 Web Client is built for all platforms to allow for frame-accurate streaming and markup, no matter where you are or on what device.

    The current set of GV STRATUS tools include:

    • Explore assets and projects in GV STRATUS system (local or remote)*
    • Explore all files on user file system
    • Import/export/transfer
    • Explore devices under GV STRATUS control including archive systems*
    • Explore tools available to the GV STRATUS user
    • Manage and explore saved searches and favorites*

    • Access control (read, write and delete) for users and groups on a per-bin, per asset and per metadata field level
    • Specific (read, write and delete) access controls are provided for markers and segmentations against assets

    • Play video/audio of any clip or ingest event — full-resolution or proxy*
    • Monitor up to 64 channels of audio, with audio tagging, solo and mute control*
    • Contour ShuttlePRO support
    • Review/create/add metadata including asset markers and keywords*
    • View asset relationships, including asset relationships to social media versions*

    Playlist Editor
    • Create and modify playlists

    Storyboard Editor
    • Cuts-only editing with easy drag-and-drop interface
    • Save finished job as playlist to GV STRATUS storage for playout on K2 Summit or K2 Solo — without rendering
    • Rough cuts can be directly opened by EDIUS, Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro

    Segmentation Tool
    • Create multiple segmentation profiles per asset
    • Segment assets live or after the fact

    Advanced Logging Panels
    • Create custom graphical panels with logos, metadata and keyboard shortcuts for logging content live or after the fact
    • Compatible with USB button boxes and touchscreen LCDs
    • Live logging, which allows for metadata tagging as it happens
    • Create user-customizable button panels with background images, containing buttons laid out in any format/size
    • Create asset segmentations while logging live or after the fact

    Assignment List
    • Create placeholders for clips and coordinate with rundown stories on newsroom computer systems and with GV STRATUS Rundown
    • Trigger editing workflows straight from the MOS placeholder, allowing content to be linked to the story throughout the workflow

    House Number
    • Populate the house number list based on requests from the Traffic system
    • Link assets to house numbers from the traffic system
    • Ingest Scheduler:
      • Support for numerous recording channels
      • Includes live streaming proxy from the K2 client, eliminating the need for hardware to view the input to the K2 channel
      • Includes router control for dynamic port allocation
      • Schedule ingest events up to one year in advance
      • Customizable interface, including display of selected custom fields, for fast decision making
    • Scheduled Transfer Tool:
      • Automate the export of the record train, even while it is being ingested, according to a GV STRATUS-managed schedule
      • Transfer entire clips or segments
      • Target formats: MXF, GXF and MOV

    Send Message
    • Send and receive messages and attachments between GV STRATUS application users
    • Drag-and-drop integration with email applications

    Channel Panel
    • Direct play/record control of a K2 Summit or K2 Solo channel with hotkeys or via a Contour Shuttle Pro
    • Includes live streaming proxy for confidence monitoring
    • Channel Panels can be ganged/unganged using drag-and-drop
    • Dashboard Monitoring:
      • Monitor storage capacity available on K2 devices
      • Monitor quota usage
      • Monitor channel state and usage
      • Monitor system statistics
      • Monitor statistics for assets published to social media platforms

    • Record multiple channels
    • Reoccurring events

    Removable Media Interface
    • Ingest media from Panasonic P2, Sony XAVC, Sony XDCAM, Sony XDCAM EX and JVC XDCAM EX
    • Merge clips on import while preserving individual markers

    GVRE Transcoder
    • Built with EDIUS codec support to allow for a wide range of codecs
    * Available in HTML5 web client
    Note: Playback is limited to proxy-only with 32 channels of audio