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    Hyperion™ represents a new generation of media monitoring and quality control. Its advanced capabilities enable far more efficient and cost-effective content monitoring than has ever been available to the media industry.

    Intelligent signal monitoring

    Hyperion offers true assessment of the value of the signal, not just presence, and is ideally suited for unmanned and lowmanning operations which use automated systems for ingest, playout and scheduling. Alarms report to RollMap or via SNMP to other vendor control and automation systems, and Hyperion works with all major video display wall processors.

    Distributed Intelligence

    Hyperion integrates with SAM’s IQ Modular product for processing video, audio, metadata and other content, and will automatically be distributed throughout the broadcast plant where these products exist. By using SAM infrastructure products to distribute Hyperion monitoring points in this way, customers can gain tremendous extra value throughout their operation.

    "The SAM systems are a quantum-leap improvement over our previous automation and routing equipment, which was difficult to program and operate - Hector Pena Manager of broadcast operations, MNN"