Customized, End-To-End Facility Monitoring

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iControl Insights & Highlights
Intelligent Alarm Management
Automated and Guided Response to Alarms
Broadcast Facility Monitoring with iControl
Customized Views with iControl
Network Operations Center Monitoring with iControl
iControl Performance Reporting and Analysis with iControl Report

Intelligent Alarm Management

iControl’s Advanced Alarm Management enables operators to work together to identify and resolve facility faults to minimize the MTTR.
iControl offers Advanced Alarm Management to help operators deal effectively with the large volumes of alarms that can be generated in large facilities. Multiple users can work together in a co-ordinated manner to troubleshoot complex networks and multiple alarms.
Operators have access to more than just the overall status of their television facilities. Individual signals and device status can be isolated, including detailed video and audio parameters, router crosspoints, GPI contact closure and SNMP-enabled third-party systems. Each element can be monitored separately, or in combination with others.
Groups of alarms and events can be managed as “incidents”, with related events automatically correlated and grouped under a single umbrella. For instance, a typical signal fault on an upstream satellite receiver will impact all downstream devices on the same signal path. However, rather than dealing with multiple alarms, such as IRD errors, video proc-amp errors, audio processor errors and signal probe errors, the operator can now respond and analyze the fault as a single entry in the Incident Manager.

Automated and Guided Response to Alarms

iControl’s auto-pilot capability provides automatic reaction to alarms, and can also guide an operator through complex diagnostics. It’s based on Scripted Macros which can be easily created to control specific automated responses. For instance, in the event of failure of the transmission stream, a backup signal path can be instantly brought into effect. This minimizes disruption while essential maintenance work is undertaken.

Broadcast Facility Monitoring with iControl

Grass Valley’s iControl system is ideal for monitoring broadcast facilities, including highly distributed multichannel operations. With its rich graphical interface, third-party control integration, and automated responses, the system enables operators to control multiple channels in a highly effective manner.

Customized Views with iControl

Monitoring of multiple signals across multiple locations is more effective using iControl.
With iControl, monitoring of multiple signals is easier. Users have the ability to create custom views of complex video networks, allowing operators to easily perform the following tasks:
  • Recognize the status of multiple signals and devices
  • Understand the consequences of a fault
  • React rapidly if their intervention is required
Access to either summary information or detailed levels is quick and efficient. Operators can click on key areas of iControl pages to “drill-down” to more detailed
views of the network topology.
iControl can be used to create custom views of:
  • A national or regional network with interactive geographical map views
  • Summary views of multiple signals inside a station or facility
  • Signal flow diagrams, depicting the detailed status of channels as they get processed and distributed across multiple devices
  • Detailed schematics representing the interconnection of signal acquisition, processing, routing and transmission
  • Physical views of equipment, such as rack elevations, representing the status of Grass Valley and SNMP-enabled third-party devices

Network Operations Center Monitoring with iControl

iControl represents the most advanced, end-to-end facility monitoring for television service providers (cable/satellite/IPTV). For large facilities, iControl offers the ability to monitor thousands of devices effectively using customized, self-building facility views and intelligent alarm management. Operators can monitor a large number of television channels highly effectively using Monitoring by Exception to focus their attention, and achieve a rapid MTTR in the event of a failure in the facility.

iControl Performance Reporting and Analysis with iControl Report

Signal and system performance reports for multichannel television systems

iControl keeps operators of multichannel television systems aware of channel performance over time. Providing a variety of powerful reports and using multiple forms of visual graphs, iControl helps operators assess the performance of complex signal distribution networks by highlighting which channels perform best — and which ones require their attention. For added convenience, iControl performance reports can be embedded in iControl’s top quality user interface or be automatically e-mailed to selected recipients.

Selectable video and audio and other quality metrics
  • Users can easily define which criteria contribute to reports, allowing them to focus on the most relevant channel performance information
  • Selection can be made among the wide list of video and audio metrics supported by iControl, including video freeze, video black, audio loss and silence. Also supported are macro-block detection and lip sync errors, as well as transport stream and IP video errors
  • With iControl SNMP, performance reporting can be achieved on device and infrastructure performance
Reporting on trends to help improve service quality
  • iControl performance reporting helps reduce the Mean Time to Repair by clearly distinguishing valid signals from the ones that continuously contribute to fault and invalid service quality
  • Reports can focus on error counts or fault durations
  • Charts can display trend over different time intervals: minutes, hours, days and weeks, etc.
  • Performance ranking can be based on a selectable quantity of entries
  • Helps operators focus on issues and trends before they become critical situations
Advanced and flexible report generation and distribution
  • Reports can be viewed in iControl — or can be forwarded via e-mail to user-defined lists of recipients
  • Automatic report generation can be set for daily, weekly or monthly basis
Comprehensive graphs using visual forms
  • Direct access to charts from iControl Navigator or iControl
  • Context specific report can be embedded directly in iControl’s powerful user interface
  • Choice of bar, line, column, pie and other forms of charts for effective representation