iControl Application Server

Dedicated Server for iControl Applications

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Tree-based System Navigation and Error Logging

Tree-based System Navigation and Error Logging

iControl Navigator
The iControl Application Server is supplied with device control and monitoring software called iControl Navigator, which provides tree-based system navigation and error logging. This software provides a simple hierarchal view of a system with status information and individual control panel windows for all the interfaced equipment.
iControl Navigator provides effective status reporting, and allows complete local or remote device configuration. Operators have fast access to devices and parameters when investigating errors and warning conditions.
Devices can either be displayed in a physical order, by frame and slot, or by logical groups. Logical groups may be dynamically configured using drag-and-drop techniques.
For quick troubleshooting, iControl Navigator also provides extensive error and event logging, with time-stamped details of each change in signal parameter, router crosspoint or reported error. If required, the content of the event and error logs can be exported to other applications for further analysis.

Entry-level Control and Monitoring System
iControl Navigator can be used without the iControl Web software to provide a simpler, entry level device monitoring and control system. An even simpler control system is provided by iControl Solo which is a reduced feature set version