iControl Audio-Video Fingerprints

Lip Sync Error Detection, Audio/Video Delay Measurement and Content Mismatch Alarm

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Lip Sync Detection Across Entire Network

Lip Sync Detection Across Entire Network

The temporal relationship between video and audio can be compromised every time the signal is encoded and decoded, or when video/audio processing is performed. In broad television signal distribution networks, such as the one depicted below, the possibility of lip sync errors is substantial, especially when signals are transmitted across several locations. iControl Lip Sync Monitoring can collect data from a host of Densité modules to perform, over IP, end-to-end detection and measurement of lip sync errors.

Kaleido Integration
Detected lip sync errors and measurements can be forwarded to Kaleido-X and Kaleido-X16 multiviewers, for on-screen reporting. This allows operators to be made aware of errors, even if they are not actively listening to audio and watching video.

End-to-End Lip Sync Error Monitoring
With its rich graphics and powerful user interface, iControl Web provides the ideal environment for multisite, multichannel lip sync monitoring. Because audio-to-video monitoring can be depicted in the actual distribution topology of the broadcast chain, it becomes much easier for an operator to understand the consequence of lip sync errors, and to take corrective actions