iControl Edge

Advanced, Highly Automated Quality of Experience Monitoring

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Flexible, Multichannel Monitoring with iControl Edge
Monitoring Hundreds of Channels Across Multiple Headends

Flexible, Multichannel Monitoring with iControl Edge

iControl Edge allows multiple remote video signals to be reviewed simultaneously using streaming video, along with audio metering and acoustic monitoring. A sample of the monitoring views are:

Multisignal monitoring panel
  • Signal alarms, streaming video and audio meters from EdgeVision probes
  • Alarming on key video and audio parameters and thresholds
  • Error logging with time stamped event and error entries
Full control of remote set-top-boxes
  • When a video or audio error is detected, the system automatically records using the DVR feature of the set-top box
  • Faults are recorded as seen by the viewer, without interrupting cycling of the channels
  • Convenient set-top-box remote control GUI
  • Log of recorded errors
Monitoring across multiple locations
  • All channels (HD and SD) from multiple headends can be monitored at all times
  • For more effective monitoring, channels can be grouped and displayed according to various criteria
  • Status of each channel reflected
iControl Edge leverages the fundamentals of television, images and sounds, to provide pay TV operators with quick and accurate access to remote signals.

Monitoring Hundreds of Channels Across Multiple Headends

At each remote headend, the set-top-box signals are fed into EdgeVision probes and streamed back to the Network Operations Center’s iControl Edge monitoring system.
The iControl Edge system can be easily expanded to offer set-top box monitoring of up to 16 headends from a Network Operations Center.