iControl Incoming Feeds

Simplified, Schedule-Aware Control and Monitoring of Incoming Feeds

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iControl Incoming Feeds Insights & Highlights
Optimize Resource Usage and Hide Iinfrastructure Complexity
Integrated workstation helps maximize operator efficiency
Advanced Signal Processing

Optimize Resource Usage and Hide Iinfrastructure Complexity

iControl incoming feeds helps you save money on your infrastructure costs, and maximize your resource usage by automating the control of devices through integration
with a resource management system. Easily scale your environment by integrating several devices together while still performing complex and advanced processing.
iControl incoming feeds enables you to automate the management, scheduling, and monitoring of all resources, removing the risk of error and ensuring a reliable, high
quality programming output. Features
  • Automatic routing of signal through your facility
  • Live monitoring of devices and reporting of issues to resource management system
  • Scalable operator workstations

Integrated workstation helps maximize operator efficiency

Reduce the need for extensive personnel training by hiding infrastructure complexity and presenting a single control interface. Make your operators more efficient by
reducing the number of manual steps involved in the QC process. Quality-control view
  • High quality view of baseband feeds
  • Visual probing information of otherwise hard-to-perceive QC problems
Shared arrivals board
  • Shared view between QC operators of all incoming feeds
  • Color-coded booking information to easily understand incoming feeds that need to be processed
  • Metadata booking information coming from resource management system
Integrated signal processing interface
  • Ability to use control panel or desktop to control processing devices and routers
  • Integration of waveform monitor to operator workstation
  • Virtual Router control surface for manual operations

Advanced Signal Processing

iControl incoming feeds can be used with a range of Densité Series 3G/HD/SD/analog video and audio processors, which feature video streaming for easier signal selection.