iControl Loudness Monitoring

Aggregation and Analysis of Loudness Data Over Network

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Loudness Monitoring Across The Entire Network

Loudness Monitoring Across The Entire Network

Signal parts that are processed within a broadcast facility can originate from both inside and even outside the facility, which means that in a broad television distribution network, such as the one depicted below, the possibility of noncompliant audio loudness is substantial. Because inconsistent loudness is something viewers are very sensitive to, and prone to complain about, it is essential that broadcasters be equipped with the tools to detect and troubleshoot these types of issues.

iControl Loudness Monitoring can collect loudness data over IP from multiple Miranda devices, and store it using Network-Attached Storage (NAS). After (or even during) the logging of loudness data, iControl’s Loudness Analyzer can plot loudness, calculate short-term and integrated values over specific segments, and compare it to the expected dialnorm level, and enable operators to rapidly identify problematic sequences. As part of recent legal modifications, broadcasters and cable/satelitte/IPTV operators are also obligated to keep a record of Loudness data that can be accessed for compliance proofing. iControl Loudness Analyzer can be used to generate such reports from the recorded loudness data.