iControl Remote Station Monitoring

Centralized, Remote Station Monitoring System

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iControl Remote Station Monitoring Insights & Highlights
Low Operating Cost Remote Station Monitoring
Multichannel Monitoring
Extensive signal probing capabilities

Low Operating Cost Remote Station Monitoring

At each remote station, the signals are fed into a Kaleido-X or Kaleido-X16 multiviewer for monitoring and channel probing. The signals are then streamed back, using an EdgeVision as a streaming encoder, to the Network Operations Center’s iControl Remote Station Monitoring system. iControl Remote Station Monitoring is highly scalable, and can be extended by adding extra Kaleido-X (or Kaleido-X16) multiviewers and EdgeVision streaming encoders to monitor dozens of remote sites simultaneously. Quality audio/video streams can be displayed by iControl Remote Station Monitoring, or using a Kaleido-IP multiviewer.

Multichannel Monitoring

iControl Remote Station Monitoring’s high quality interface allows multiple remote video and audio signals to be viewed over IP in a user-defined, multiviewer format, along with audio metering and acoustic monitoring. A sample of the monitoring views are:  

Multiviewer monitoring panel
  • Operator has full control over the multiviewer configuration
  • Pre-configured layouts are “pushed” to the remote Kaleido-X / Kaleido-X16 processor
  • Streaming quality is controlled with easy to use presets for the EdgeVision streaming encoder

Closer monitoring of single source
  • The viewport can present a single source for larger scale viewing
  • The resolution of the stream can be set to reach 1920x1080, providing full HD quality
  • Lower resolution and bit rate streams can be used to respect network capacity
  • Audio selector allows every signal with discrete or embedded audio to be listened to
  • Convenient acoustic audio mute button

Remote multiviewer control
  • iControl Remote Station Monitoring provides remote layout control of all Kaleido multiviewers across a network
  • Allows operators in the network operations centers to focus on specific channels of interest
  • Selection is made using dynamic representations of available multiviewer layouts

Extensive signal probing capabilities

Detailed, multichannel probing is performed simultaneously across multiple sites, using the signal analysis integrated in the Kaleido-X or Kaleido-X16 multiviewers. Some of the probing capabilities are:  

Detailed error reporting
  • Detailed signal monitoring with video and audio parameter status for every monitored signal
  • Alarming for video signal loss, video freeze, audio silence, video black, video luminance and audio overload
  • Advanced metadata monitoring for CC/WST, AFD and Dolby in all signal formats.
  • Error latching for missed events
  • Alarms can be temporarily turned off during maintenance activities

Monitoring by Exception
  • Monitoring by Exception involves automated monitoring of signal parameters to see if they are within pre-determined limits
  • iControl Remote Station Monitoring immediately draws the attention of the operator to any faults, without distraction from correctly functioning channels
  • Monitoring by Exception improves productivity, and helps reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Custom remote station view
  • iControl Remote Station Monitoring can be optionally configured to provide a detailed signal path view of remote stations with control of key elements