Single Card, 3G/HD/SD Master Control and Branding

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Imagestore-Modular Insights & Highlights
Graphics Applications
Audio Mixing and Voiceovers
Automated Character Generation and EAS
Advanced Manual Control

Graphics Applications

  • Imagestore-Modular is ideal for prerendered animated/still graphics, such as logos and lower thirds
  • The most intensive, full screen dynamic HD graphics are best performed by the top of the range Vertigo XG processor

Audio Mixing and Voiceovers

  • Imagestore-Modular features 16 channel audio mixing, and optional 8 channel voiceover/audio clip storage and playout (simultaneous playout of two clips)
  • Background audio is automatically ducked during voiceovers
  • Audio is accepted as embedded audio or by four external AES inputs

Automated Character Generation and EAS

  • The optional automated, template-based character generator can insert a crawl layer or static (dynamically updated) text layer
  • High quality characters are output with 256 level anti-aliasing, with easy drop shadow and transparency control
  • Unicode characters in Truetype fonts, from 6 to 600 pixels, in any RGB color
  • The EAS option (USA) enables emergency text and voice-overs to be inserted automatically via GPI and RS-232, when the processor is connected to an external EAS receiver (EAS audio requires an A-to-D converter)

Advanced Manual Control

  • Imagestore-Modular operates with the compact iMC panels, Branding Panel, the Vertigo Xpanel GUI and the PresStation master control panel