Imagestore 750

HD/SD Master Control and Branding Processor with Advanced Audio Processing

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Imagestore 750 Insights & Highlights
Powerful, Single/Dual Channel DVEs
Animation, Storage and Playout
Automated Character Generation
Emergency Alert System Support
Flexible Multichannel, Manual Control Options
Optional Graphics Co-processor

Powerful, Single/Dual Channel DVEs

The integral dual or single channel HD/SD DVEs are ideal for branding and promotional transitions:
  • High quality picture-in-picture and squeeze-and-reveal type DVE transitions
  • 10-bit processing, advanced interpolation and sub-pixel motion and scaling
  • Automated or manual control of DVEs

Animation, Storage and Playout

A wide range of multilayer animation playout effects can be performed:
  • Four independent keying layers with preview output enable the playout of high impact, multilevel channel branding
  • Integral still/animation store with capacity for more than 4,000 HD/SD images

Automated Character Generation

Imagestore 750 is ideal for highly automated, template-based character generation for channel
branding and automated promos:
  • Each of the four keying layers can insert a crawl layer or static (dynamically updated) text layer
  • High quality characters are output with 256 level anti-aliasing, with easy drop shadow and transparency control
  • Unicode characters in Truetype fonts, from 6 to 600 pixels, in any RGB color

Emergency Alert System Support

Broadcast quality EAS emergency text and audio messages can be inserted automatically using the EAS option:
  • EAS operates with an external EAS receiver
  • EAS messages are triggered by a GPI and the text is sent via RS-232
  • EAS audio requires an A-to-D converter to provide AES input to the Imagestore 750

Flexible Multichannel, Manual Control Options

iMC fully featured, master control switching panel system for live and specialty channels
  • Branding Panel provides highly graphical, touchscreen control, with multiple "hard" knobs and switches
  • iMC Software GUI master control panel with control via mouse or touchscreen interface (requires PC and display capable of supporting 1280x1024 resolution)
  • Vertigo Xpanel GUI offers highly adaptable and intuitive control of multiple channels with channel ganging and full tallies

Optional Graphics Co-processor

  • Imagestore 750 can be integrated with Intuition XG graphics co-processor
  • Intuition XG offers a powerful HD/SD character generator, ideal for dynamic, data-driven graphics