Intuition XG

Advanced HD/SD Graphics Coprocessor

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Intuition XG Insights & Highlights
Rich Integration with Imagestore 750
All the Playout Capabilities for the Most Advanced Branding and Promotional Graphics
High-Quality HD/SD Character Generation

Rich Integration with Imagestore 750

The tight integration between the Intuition XG graphics coprocessor and the Imagestore 750 master control and channel branding processor provides independent control of eight virtual keyer layers, either via automation or from the iMC panel. A full preview of each graphics layer is available to the operator.
The Intuition XG can operate in an "Instream" mode, with the coprocessor being fed the program input after the Imagestore 750’s mix stage, and with the graphics output to one of the Imagestore 750’s fill and key inputs. The process ensures both graphics and DVEs are performed by the Intuition XG, and this allows advanced DVE and promo sequences to be prepared more easily.

All the Playout Capabilities for the Most Advanced Branding and Promotional Graphics

Multiformat clip player
The video/audio clip player can output multiple clips simultaneously, and features storage for up to 400 hours of clips in multiple formats:
  • Ideal for playout of full screen or partial screen clips
  • Designed for playout of automated promos, branding interstitials and emergency
  • Clip player supports MPEG-2 (I frame & Long GOP), MPEG-4 / H.264, DV25, DV50, DV100, IMX30, IMX40, IMX50, MXF, GXF, AVI

Clip storage with different storage options (hours)
Mb/s 1 TB 2 TB
10 200 400
50 40 80
100 20 40

Sophisticated animation controls
The sophisticated animation and still playout capabilities include:
  • Virtually unlimited layers of animations and still graphics
  • Independent control of each virtual layer
  • Expandable graphics storage of up to 1800 GB using hot-swappable drives
  • Rapid loading of graphics over high speed Ethernet (10/100/1000baseT)
  • Keyframe animation editor and timeline for real-time animation playback, including the following animation types: ping-pong, single shot, in-loop-out, multiple loop with loop delay
  • Animations can be cut or faded to air, and can be moved to create slide transitions, and they can also be used for reveal transitions
  • Graphics can be controlled by ‘business logic’ to reflect data , using Vertigo Suite applications

High-Quality HD/SD Character Generation

Multilevel character generation
A powerful, HD/SD character generator allows the playout of virtually unlimited layers of animated text and dynamically updated text with the following features:
  • Wide range of text effects including outlines, drop shadows and gradient fills
  • TrueType and Unicode character support for high quality display of Latin and non-Latin text
  • Text can be transitioned onto the screen by fades, slides and wipes
  • Full control of the speed of each crawl layer
  • Looping and single pass crawls
Effective data interfacing
When combined with the Vertigo Suite applications, Intuition XG offers the most advanced data-interfacing capabilities for multiple applications, including business graphics and channel promotions:
  • Interfacing to Microsoft Excel files, XML, RSS feeds, web data and multiple databases, including MS-Access, MS-SQL, Oracle and all ODBC-compliant databases
  • Interfacing to proprietary data feeds, including Reuters, AP, SportsTicker and Bloomberg