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Multichannel MADI-to-IP Interfacing Module

The IQAMD40 provides multichannel MADI-to-IP interfacing, and has been developed to allow high-density audio integration into Ethernet IP networks. Using industry standard AES67 encapsulation and a 10 GbE interface enables the IQAMD40 to interface directly with many common audio desks and systems.

IQAMD40 also allows configuration of audio channels for IP streams, and provides stream compatibility by offering packet time adjustment. Two audio tone generators are also available to enable link testing and configuration.

IQAMD40 fully integrates with remote control and monitoring systems to provide easy set up and real-time information on signal presence and status for each...


  • Handles up to 16 MADI signals (8 in & 8 out) over dual 10 GbE IP links, with the option  to provide MADI link redundancy
  • Audio delay per IP stream of up to 255 ms
  • Dual SFP/QSFP to provide link redundancy
  • Uncompressed PCM audio transport using AES67
  • Timing and synchronization provided by IEEE-1588v2 (PTP), compliant with SMPTE ST 2059-2 and AES67 profiles
  • Supports unicast as well as IGMPv3 source specific multicast, allowing point to point operation or transmission in multicast groups
  • Two audio tone generators available for MADI channels, with selectable tone frequencies of 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz and 4 kHz
  • Standards supported:
    • MADI to AES10-2003
    • 10G Ethernet to IEEE 802.3
  • Audio channel selection per IP stream from 1-64 channels, plus packet time selection of 125 µs, 250 µs, 500 µs, 1 ms and 4 ms
  • RollCall control and monitoring compatible with standard logging and reporting features


Inputs & Outputs — IQH enclosures

Translates up to 16 MADI streams to IP with 10 GbE interface. 8 MADI inputs and 8 MADI outputs, 2x 10 GbE SFP ports. Suitable for IQH1A and IQH4B frames

Translates up to 16 MADI streams to IP with 10 GbE interface. 8 MADI inputs and 8 MADI outputs, 2x 10 GbE SFP ports. Includes IQFAN rear panel for additional cooling in IQH3B frame

For more details on enclosure types please refer to datasheet IQH3B

SFP Options

10GBASE-SR short range SFP for MMF

10GBASE-LR long range SFP for SMF

10GBASE-ER extended range SFP for SMF

Note: Fiber SFP type must be ordered in addition to the module.



IQ Modular Enclosures: Flexible and Reliable Video and Audio Backbone Datasheet

IQH3B enclosures offer industry-leading, high-density delivery of modular solutions



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